Welcome to Logicmelon’s Applicant Tracking System

Our job Applicant Tracking System enables agencies and in-house recruiters to easily track and manage their whole recruitment process from job advertising through to making job offers and onboarding.

In house applicant
tracking system

Applicant tracking system for recruiting agencies

Give an amazing candidate experience whilst managing all your jobs, applications and candidates in one place


Our Applicant Tracking System enables you to view and manage all of your jobs, candidates and applications in one place with the ability to assign permissions and advertising credits to various team members and business units.

Post job adverts to multiple boards at the click of a button


Our multi posting tool enables you to write your job ad once and distribute to a choice of free and paid job boards as well as your own careers site and social channels. Our tool integrates with over 2,000 job boards and supports one-click apply directly back to LogicMelon and without the need for a redirection. The result is a smoother journey for candidates and significantly reduced application drop off rates for you. 

Automatically screen and shortlist candidates

As well as manual flagging, our ATS recruitment system can automatically parse CV’s based on key criteria returning a % match rate so you can identify the most suitable candidates more quickly and easily than your competitors.

Simplify communications with your candidate pipeline


Minimise candidate drop-off and provide the best candidate experience by automating communication at each stage of the candidate journey via email and text. Our system can even automatically send and follow up on reference requests saving you significant time and effort. 

Interview booking capability

Integrate with your calendar and give candidates the ability to easily select interview time slots based on your team’s availability. Support for open days at various locations included.

Easy candidate onboarding


Our employee onboarding tools make it easy for you to collect and store any key candidate information you require such as references, qualifications and more. Give employees direct access so they can keep their information up to date. GDPR compliant.

Integrates with your CRM, HR system and other tools


Our Applicant Tracking System integrates with 20+ CRM’s as well as tools such as psychometric testing via our integration marketplace 

Key Features:


  • Recruiting software that helps you manage your complete candidate pipeline from job advertising to onboarding
  • All your jobs and applications stored centrally giving you a single unified view
  • Automatically parse and score high volume applications and CV’s based on key criteria saving you valuable time
  • Create candidate shortlists and push them directly to your internal CRM
  • Create bespoke user experiences by allowing them to only interact with the parts of LogicMelon that you want
  • Automate candidate communication like ‘invite to interview’ and ‘rejection’ emails
  • Integrated calendar functionality enables candidates to choose their own interview slot
  • GDPR compliant


Significantly reduce time to hire