5 Simple Talent Attraction Strategies for Your Recruitment

There are many ways to recruit new candidates to your organisation. These methods often focus on sourcing more candidates for the recruitment process to get them into the organisation as employees. But  keeping those employees engaged enough to stay with your organisation can be a different challenge to tackle. Talent attraction is employing various methods and strategies to attract the best candidates to the company.


Talent attraction goes beyond usual recruitment. It mainly focuses on the long-term retention of the employee by keeping them engaged. Attracting top talent in the industry while focusing on retention is a central aspect of talent attraction strategies.

To achieve this, organisations usually focus on employee-centric methods to attract more candidates to their recruitment funnel. The following are some methods that help with talent attraction:

1. Focus on Employer Branding

Your company should have a long reach among the candidates to attract more of them. The candidates should think positively of the company. They would only be interested in applying for any openings that suit them.

Employer branding is not just about maintaining a good reputation for your organisation. It should go far beyond that. The company’s core values and the ethics should attract candidates as well.

Use your company site to showcase the values upon which your company is founded. Also, the organisation must reach new heights without diminishing its core values.

Promote your branding by using various channels. It can be on social media platforms where your ideal candidate may spend their time per their candidate persona. Use videos to give the potential candidates a quick overview of your company and your work environment.


2. Enhance Your Company Culture

Company culture is all about how things operate in an organisation and how they contribute to employees’ well-being to keep them engaged in their job. A good company culture will make the employee happy and more productive.

Employees will stay longer in your organisation if they feel comfortable with the company culture. Employees would pass up a perfect job if they felt that the company culture was bad.

The new employees who join your workforce can also contribute to your company culture and bring a unique perspective to the team. It is essential to ensure that your talent attraction plan does not compromise on the cultural fit.


3. Build Testimonials

It is important to have genuine advocates for your organisation to improve your branding. Someone to help potential candidates by giving them one final push to apply for the job.

Testimonials from your employees go a long way in achieving that. The candidate can get an idea about your company’s workings from the testimonials. They will likely add a personal touch to the story that can help the candidate relate to them.

Be sure that these testimonials are genuine and share them on a timely basis. Posting them on your website in the careers section can help make them check out the video.


4. Impart Positive Candidate Experience

The candidate experience in your recruitment is the aspect that, when done right, can even make a rejected candidate apply again for a job role in your organisation. Likewise, it will also help with talent attraction.

Many things can go wrong at each stage of the recruitment process that can cause a bad candidate experience. Problems such as not providing updates or feedback to the candidate, as well as not valuing their time can cause a negative impact.

A good talent attraction strategy ensures that all the candidates have a positive experience. This can encourage more candidates to apply for your open jobs if they learn from other past candidates about your recruitment process.


5. Make Use of Referrals

Talent attraction is a challenging task, and it can get daunting to come up with so many ways to handle it. Also, to attract top candidates, you have to use all the resources you have at your disposal.

A good referral program ensures that you find the perfect candidate for your organisation. The best part is that a referral can be someone working at your organisation. They would have a clear idea of the cultural fit, which helps the recruiter quickly sort out the candidates from a referral program.

Offer incentives to employees who refer candidates to your organisation. It is an excellent way to encourage them and reward them for their hard work.



Recruiting and retention are unnecessary parts of the employee life cycle. This does not mean that they are unrelated. A well-planned talent attraction strategy can help build a good experience with your candidate, contribute to employee engagement, and maintain employee retention.


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