5 Tips to Enhance the Candidate Experience During Pre-Employment Screening

An organisation spends a lot of money on their hiring process. Providing a good candidate experience is crucial to hiring suitable candidates in every hiring process.


A good candidate experience is mandatory to improve your employee branding and attract top candidates. A candidate that has a positive experience with your recruitment process is more likely to accept your offer.

On the other hand, every new candidate in your organisation will have a massive role. The recruitment process can only be complete if the candidate coming out of the recruitment funnel is a good fit for your organisation.

Before the candidate joins your organisation, the pre-employment screening process determines if they do not have any concerning issues or remarks from their past that could potentially damage your business.

Pre-employment screening allows the employer to determine if the candidate is legally authorised to work in the country and check whether the candidate would be a right fit for the company.

48% of candidates respond positively to receiving interview information ahead of time. The pre-employment screening process should not compromise even a little on the candidate’s experience. You should focus on some important areas while doing background checks.

1. Address Privacy Concerns

The candidate’s personal information is required for verification of their identity. Candidates might have concerns about the possible misuse of their data. Let them know how you process the data to ease the candidate’s concerns. This also provides data transparency and shows that you value their information.

Ensure that the candidate understands the verification process and clarify any doubts they might bring. The employer or the hiring manager must acknowledge the concerns before starting the background verification.


2. Make the Process Easier

The candidates must upload a few documents and fill out forms with their data for the pre-employment screening process. Although, this is a necessary process for background verification. The hiring manager should make it easy for the candidate to upload documents without delay or technical trouble.

The candidate should not spend a long time filling out forms and providing information. If the process is time-consuming and old-fashioned, the candidate will form a wrong impression of your company. The process should be user-friendly and time-saving for the candidate.


3. Have Established Communication

The employer can quickly improve the candidate experience by giving prime importance to fast and efficient communication with the candidates. The candidate might not be aware of the various stages of background verification. As the employer, it is your responsibility to keep candidates informed of the pre-employment screening and help them understand the reasons behind the various verifications.

To give candidates a better experience with their recruitment and verification process, establish a point of contact from your organisation. Ideally, they should be someone from the HR team who should be able to provide timely communication to the candidate.


4. Watch Your Time

The time to complete the pre-employment screening process will usually vary depending on how detailed the verification process is. The candidate may only stay patient for a short time. Making the candidate wait without consistent updates can contribute to a bad experience.

The candidate may start to entertain the idea of looking for other organisations and getting into their recruitment funnel. The candidate who already has an offer and has lost patience may move forward with another company. It is good to give the candidate an expected ETA for the results.


5. Include the Candidate in the Final Decision

After completing the pre-employment screening process, the company’s stakeholders usually make the final decision. It is bad practice to blindly trust the results of background verifications and go with that decision.

Give candidates a chance to express their perspective on the subject.

There might be some information that could help you make the right decision. The candidate should feel heard and allowed to talk about any potential problems that might come up in the background verification.

At the very least, in case of rejection, candidates should be aware of the reason for their rejection. The candidate should be made aware of the specific area that made you reject them as an employee. Taking the time to address these will improve the candidate’s experience.


Simplify the Pre-Screening Process Using Logicmelon

The methods mentioned above can help you improve the candidate experience during the pre-screening process. But, it does not change the fact that running background checks on candidates is a resource-intensive process.

Checking the candidate’s criminal record, eligibility to work, and references are steps that can make it hard to manage and schedule. Each of these steps would require a method of verification. To make the background screening process more efficient, it is better to use software tools to handle them from a single platform.

Logicmelon is an ATS that offers a one-stop solution to all your recruitment needs. It helps you improve the candidate experience by having a smooth onboarding process. Schedule communication with references, acquire health questionnaires from candidates and check for criminal history and the right to work for the candidate all through Logicmelon.

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Each step in the recruitment process offers ways to improve your candidate experience if done right. The pre-employment screening process is no exception to that. Following the steps mentioned above, the background verification process can help you keep candidates engaged and give them a better recruitment experience with your organisation. Any organisation with a reputation for a suitable candidate experience will easily attract new candidates and make your recruitment process easier.


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