7 Amazing Recruitment Ideas for Every Business

For a successful hiring process in an organisation, efficiency and creativity are vital. Regardless of the scale of your business, your hiring process should be satisfying. It should consist of innovative recruitment ideas to keep your organisation afloat and standing out from other competitors.


The future of your organisation depends on the hires you make right now. The candidates you hire will drive revenue and improve your company brand. The new hires will also contribute to your company culture. This, in turn, may attract new talents to your company. On the other hand, it is best to avoid a bad hire who may not be a right fit for your organisation.

To ensure that your recruitment strategy does not compromise the quality of your hire, you need to implement creative recruitment ideas. The following are a few such ideas that might sound simple but can have a substantial impact when implemented. 

1. Care for Your Company Culture

According to a Glassdoor employment confidence survey, over 79 percent of the employees would prefer additional perks and benefits over pay increase. A job seeker who applies for your job will likely check into all the aspects of your company. They will check every job detail, but it does not end there. They will check your company’s reputation, employee branding, and company culture. More than your organisation’s productivity and attractive benefits, they will be mindful of the company’s culture.

Promoting your company culture will quickly attract more candidates and build your reputation. It also helps recruiters to showcase the environment that will make it work for them.

Company culture is a culmination of many aspects within your workforce. It is good practice to actively seek feedback from your employees and try to improve upon it. Job seekers prefer a company with a good culture.


2. Leverage Social Media

According to Aberdeen research group, over 73 percent of millennials found their last job through social media .Every company should have a social media handle, be it for employer branding or for recruitment. The only difference would be in the size of the audience, which can make different companies stand apart from each other. This is an excellent tool for sourcing candidates. This is one of the recruitment ideas that seem simple but is often overlooked.

Building an audience on a social media platform creates a network of connections that will help you find potential candidates among them. At the very least, your audience will help you find the right candidate by promoting your job among their friends.

For an organisation, social media for more than just job promotion. It can also showcase your company’s work environment and culture, offer employee testimonials, provide your audience with a glimpse of your company, and help you build your employer branding. Engage your audience with various types of content. The employer should not just limit the posts to job ads and promotional materials.

Social media also makes it easier for the audience to connect with you and come forward with feedback, suggestions, and queries.


3. Tweak Your Job Descriptions

For any given role, multiple companies are actively seeking candidates. To attract candidates who come across your job openings, you must get as creative as possible without compromising the content for your career page. 

Make sure that your job description is concise and clear. There should not be any room for ambiguity related to the roles and responsibilities. The candidate must be able to search for your job based on the title alone.

To make the description even more transparent, make sure that you distinguish between the necessary and good-to-have skills. This will encourage more candidates to apply for the job who only possess the necessary skills.

Include a captivating summary of the job that encourages the job seeker to apply for the role. Mention your company and how the role works on a bigger scale. This can help the candidate understand their part in the organisation. Make sure that the entire job description is short and easy to read.


4. Look within Your Organisation

There may be new roles in an expanding business that come up at times. These new roles may have different requirements that might be hard to find. Also, a new employee should undergo proper training before joining the organisation. This is one of the recruitment ideas that can solve both the problems.

Before you start to search for qualified candidates outside of your organisation, you can try finding candidates who are already a part of your organisation, but working in a different role.

When the opening is urgent, you can use internal hiring to fill the role faster. Internal hiring is when you fill a critical position with someone else from the same organisation.

In these cases, it is best to set up a reskilling and upskilling program. This helps the employee gain new skills to shift to a different role based on their newly acquired skills.

In both cases, the candidate is a current employee. This helps in screening the candidate, and since they are already a part of the organisation, they would understand the company’s work. This helps to have a smooth role transition for the employee.


5. Encourage Boomerang Employees

Employees may leave the organisation for a multitude of reasons. As long as the employee is on good terms, there is a possibility for them to return to the organisation. These employees are known as boomerang employees.

Encouraging boomerang employees helps you speed up your hiring process since you have access to their performance sheets and records. On the other side, the employee will also have a clear understanding of your company’s work culture and environment.

A boomerang employee would have gained new experience and skills ever since they left your organisation. Added to their previous experience in your organisation, they will significantly know your industry.


6. Improve Your Referral Program

Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the usual recruitment ideas to find the right fit for your company. Ramping your recruiting process by encouraging employee referrals is an efficient way to source candidates.

An employee referral program comes with lots of benefits. Your current employee will know the required responsibilities you are looking for in an employee. It is also a proven method to hire a good cultural fit and reduce the time spent on the initial screening. This can make the recruitment ideas and process more efficient.

Using your referral program, you could also bring in passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job change. This can widen your search for the ideal candidate who has the proper training and skills required for the job.

Expanding and looking for candidates from your workforce connections can help you bring in top talents in a short time. Be sure that the employee referring to the candidate gets a reward after a successful hire. Rewarding the employee can increase morale and encourage employees to bring more talent to your open roles.


7. Revisit Your Past Candidates

There might be candidates who have performed well in the past, but did not make it. The reasons for this can be aplenty. In case of openings, consider such candidates for the job opening.

Plan your recruiting strategy by considering the candidates who have applied in the past. Include a section on the careers page mentioning that past candidates can also apply to make it easier.

Past candidates have already been in the recruitment funnel and will be familiar with your company’s recruitment ideas and process. If the candidate is still interested in becoming a part of your organisation, they will have a smooth hiring process. Candidates with a positive experience in their previous attempt will be more likely to take the opportunity to enter into your recruitment process again.



You don’t need to limit your recruitment ideas to those mentioned above. Any creative recruitment ideas that make it easier for you to attract new candidates and fulfil all your hiring needs can be included.  Just be sure that these plans do not negatively impact the candidate experience.


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