Best GDPR Compliant Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The recruitment process is vital for the growth of any business. Recruiters usually receive hundreds of applications across various job boards and managing, analyzing, and selecting the right candidate among the applications can be a nightmare.


To combat this, recruiters and recruitment agencies use an applicant tracking system to manage the increasing candidates’ data and analyse them as per their requirements.


What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a data processing tool used in the recruitment process to sort and analyse thousands of candidates.

An applicant tracking system automates the heavy workload of the hiring process and helps recruiters scout suitable candidates for their vacancies.

Recruiters can sort through the applications using various criteria, such as keywords, qualifications, and experience while ranking the candidates based on those job requirements.

ATS keeps track of the applicants throughout the hiring process and helps recruiters schedule interviews. It can also send automated emails to multiple candidates at a specific time.

Next-generation ATS software allows the recruiter one-point access to post and sort jobs across various job boards.


Advantages of Using ATS Software

  • Allows organisations to reduce the workload on the hiring process and focus on other aspects of their business.
  • ATS software allows recruiters to access multiple candidates from different channels on one platform.
  • It employs AI technology to do the initial screening and rank the candidate based on their scores and compatibility to do the job.
  • A recruiter within the same organisation can share shortlisted candidates’ data, which helps in collaborative hiring where every major stakeholder has a say.
  • It is easy to keep track of recruitment KPIs with ATS software, which is helpful when trying to improve the recruitment process of an organisation.
  • Communication with the candidates is made simpler by using an ATS. The recruiter would have access to the candidate’s contact details and can directly send them a mail or text message directly from the ATS.
  • The recruiter can use ATS to send timely emails to follow-up or schedule interviews with the candidate.
  • ATS helps to provide a better candidate experience and, in turn, promotes the company’s brand.
  • It is also feasible to send various documents to the selected candidate through the ATS. The candidate can read through the documents and E-Sign them directly on the system.
  • Even if rejected for a specific role, a candidate’s data can be processed by the organisation to check the candidate’s compatibility with other open or future roles within the organisation.


How does GDPR Affect the Use of ATS?

ATS relies on the personal data of the candidates and processes it to match the needs of the recruiters. In such cases, ATS needs to be GDPR compliant so that personal data is secured and processed while keeping the individual’s privacy in mind.

In compliance with GDPR, the ATS should provide a few key features. They are as follows:

Transparent Privacy Statement: All the information related to the candidate should be acquired after informing the candidate about the privacy policy. The report includes, but is not restricted to, derived, inferred, and processed data.

Data Deletion: Data subjects hold the right to remove their information from the database whenever they desire.

Data Retention Policy: The data processor is obligated to inform the candidate about their data retention policy and receive the candidate’s consent if they need to increase the retention period.

Data Accessibility: The candidate should be able to access the data per their requirement, and the ATS should be equipped to provide support for this.

Accuracy of the Data: The data controller should uphold the accuracy of their collected data to the best of their ability.

Data Portability: The candidate should choose to download their data from the ATS or request it from the data controller.


LogicMelon: A GDPR Compliant ATS


LogicMelon is an end-to-end GDPR compliant recruitment solution for a business of any scale. Apart from working as an ATS, it offers a one-stop solution for posting job adverts on various job boards and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

LogicMelon also takes care of candidate management by providing an easy-to-access platform, which is also user-friendly. It also automates the company’s policies and GDPR compliance, so the recruiter need not worry about mishandling the data.

For instance, LogicMelon deletes a candidate’s data after a certain period, it ensures that records stay in the database only as long as needed.

LogicMelon can also make candidate information anonymous by removing all the personal data related to them. The recruiter will only see the number of individuals who applied for the role and how much they progressed through the interview.

Using an applicant tracking system that is GDPR compliant takes one more worry away while you run your organisation. Book a free demo today.


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