Top 10 Candidate Attraction Strategies

Candidate attraction strategies are the ability to attract the right people to your recruitment process. It also means the tools and techniques the recruiter uses to attract potential candidates to fill the vacancy in the company.

While many businesses focus on sales and marketing, it is also necessary to consider candidate attraction strategies as a part of a key component that impacts the growth and health of the organization in the long run.


Why Use Candidate Attraction Strategies?

By crafting positive candidate experiences, the company improves its ability to attract top talent that can help the business strive. It is for potential hires to fill the vacancy and enable recruitment activities.

Hr professionals suggest a candidate attraction strategy to find new talent in the market and increase the talent pool in an organization. 

Attraction in recruiting is to find the right potential candidates and for them to discover the roles offered by the company to find the right match.


Top 10 Candidate Attraction strategies


Top Candidate Attraction Strategies


1. Job Descriptions

Job descriptions help employees to learn more about the company, what the company’s expectations are, and the roles that the company is offering. In addition, a well-crafted job description can help identify these areas. Enticing job descriptions work for the candidates looking to work for filling up vacancies in the companies.

It is advisable to write crisp job descriptions for the hiring process by giving a detailed explanation of the company profile and explaining the tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities of a position.


2. Positive Company Culture

Company culture is a key feature for striving toward organizational growth. It is all about how and what you do in the workplace. A positive workflow and culture enable a smooth operation by inspiring workers to achieve their best. It also motivates the existing employees to perform in an effective and efficient manner.

It enables the working experience of the employees in the organization when the work setting makes sense for the company and its people. You will develop positive relationships with the people working within the organization. Many things influence the culture of the company which can range from the work environment, policies, and leadership, to goals, values, and missions.


3. Recognize Employees

Recognizing employees can make each employee feel special. This is especially true if you offer personalized perks, showing honest appreciation for completed tasks.

Recognize the contributions of the employees who are adding value to the company, their contribution is crucial for the company’s growth and success.


4. Competitive Compensation

When it is about compensation, the organization has to pay better than the salaries offered by the market. This has an impact on employees’ work satisfaction and it motivates them to work the extra mile for achieving the organizational goals in an efficient manner.

Competitive salaries influence the morale of the employee, it covers the overall positive vibe and can lead to a low employee turnover rate.


5. Job Posting Sites

Job posting sites, like Indeed and Google for Jobs, can help companies recruit the right people for the right positions by giving job advertisements.

This helps to find the candidate experience in online channels for recruiting eligible candidates to achieve business goals.


6. References

This reference serves as a basis for anyone who will give a good recommendation for a position on behalf of another.

Referral incentives provide the bio of the referred person, for use of the source of information in order to confirm something.


7. Social Media Networks

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used for free job advertisements online.

Social media networks serve to stay connected with connections, help communicate to further the process, and also help to intake information.


8. Email

Emails to potential candidates can help to sustain the interest of your best candidates.

Many recruiters send emails to ask candidates to check their availability for scheduling a job interview, the organization also usually sends a company profile along with this message.


9. Career Fairs

A career fair is an event in which employers give information to potential candidates. Career fairs attract talent which is a recruitment strategy for filling up vacancies in the organization.

It has a fair chance of attracting the right person for the right role, it helps to facilitate interaction with people who come from various backgrounds and have different values and cultures, which can enable them to showcase their opening to hundreds of local visiting candidates.


10. Reputation

A reputation for the widespread belief that something has particular characteristics also helps with employer branding.

Brand visibility is important for all types of organizations, it is an opinion that people have about how good the company operates in the market. A well-developed employer brand or a strong online reputation can encourage candidates to pursue a career in the organization.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you attract qualified candidates?

Creating a positive work culture, along with the reputation of the employer’s branding, the outperformance of competitors, references, the recognition of employees, career fairs, and job posting sites can all help the business to attract qualified candidates for the right positions.


2. How do you increase your candidate pool?

Increasing your candidate pool by highlighting company culture, expanding the hiring criteria, creativity with job posting, and working with a talent attraction strategy.


3. What is the difference between candidate acquisition and candidate attraction?

The candidate acquisition strategy differs from the candidate attraction strategy. The main factor for candidate acquisition is to filter the candidates with talent acquisition, whereas candidate attraction mainly focuses on identifying and attracting potential candidates for your business.


4. Why do we need candidate attraction ideas?

Candidate attraction strategies enable you to align with hiring managers to diversify candidate sourcing channels.


Closing Thoughts

The candidate attraction strategy describes the strategies to attract the most desirable candidates for suitable roles in the organization. It is better to know the market and publish your job description according to that role so it attracts the right person for the right position. It also means grabbing the attention of the candidates to the stage of the application process and to move to further the process. This is usually the technique used by organizations to promote and attract the right talents to fill the best positions.



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