How to Fill Job Vacancies Faster (5 Tips)

No doubt about it, recruitment is a time-consuming process. And in a competitive market, with a business needing every advantage, speeding up the hiring process deserves some consideration.


With prolonged job vacancies, productivity takes a hit. Inefficiencies set in, and a business will see lost opportunities. For a business to stay viable, it needs the best and brightest reporting for work.

By attending to certain aspects of the hiring process, recruiters can complete the hiring process in less time. The following are a few such steps to help speed up your hiring.


1. Define your Ideal Candidate


As a hiring manager, keep up with your organisation’s current and future staffing needs. It will help define your ideal candidate and how they might fit in as open positions present themselves.


Knowing your ideal candidate will help you craft a more nuanced job advert. A clear, directed job description ensures that only the candidates with the required skills apply for your job vacancies, reducing the workload of the recruiters. The more relevant data you include, the easier (and faster) to focus on the best candidates.


2. Trim your Hiring Process


Too many job applicants to choose from might seem like a problem you hope to have. But if your recruitment process requires each candidate to jump through many hoops, it will be very time-consuming for both the candidates and the recruiter.


So instead of lots of little steps, alter your recruitment process by consolidating, even eliminating, the most time-consuming and less productive assessment tools.


Or, shorten the process by increasing the difficulty of an assessment, leaving you with only the most qualified candidates.


Scheduling interviews, analysing the pros and cons of the results, and making an offer to each qualified candidate still standing is nothing to rush through. Try interviewing only a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, shortening the process without jeopardising its integrity.


3. Refine your Referral Program


The employees in your organisation already have a strong understanding of your work environment and culture. A solid referral program can use this valuable asset well.


Give your employees a complete candidate profile and make sure they understand the qualities and traits you’re looking for in an ideal candidate.


A referral program will assist both the employees and the organisation. A hiring manager will have faster access to candidates who will probably be a better cultural fit. Reward the referrer for scouting out the right candidate with the right qualifications. They have done you a service by tapping into new resources, pre-qualifying and informing potential candidates about the organisation. A strong referral program saves work and makes for a faster hire.


4. Don’t Hesitate to Make an Offer


Once you’ve identified your top candidate, take action before you lose them to another company. They are a hot commodity and will almost certainly have the luxury of choosing between offers.


As a recruiter, you want to avoid last-minute rejections from a candidate. It has taken a lot of time to reach this point, and you want to make it count. Provide your top candidate with a well-considered offer as early as possible. Don’t dally.


Make an offer and stay open to negotiation. Engage with the candidate. Find out if anything is delaying a decision. Be receptive and proactive.

5. Use the Right Tools


A recruitment process involves multiple routines, many of which are repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming. While some of these processes are necessary, not all of them are necessarily worthy of your valuable time.


A simple solution is to use a tool, such as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), to automate many of your hiring processes. Screening your candidates and selecting those who are qualified for your job vacancies takes an inordinate amount of time when done manually. But with AI-powered software to parse through candidates, the entire recruitment process can be fast-tracked.


An ATS provides an end-to-end recruitment solution, starting from posting the job adverts across channels to staying on top of communication with the candidates throughout the process. It not only helps with faster hiring but also helps in providing a better candidate experience.




The recruiting process is always challenging. Usually, jobs needed to be filled yesterday. And every day a position remains open is a day of unrealised potential.


Experiment with various methods to speed up the process. Different job openings require different tactics to improve the hiring process, so keep your focus on the quality of your candidates. Streamlining your recruitment process will help you fill your job vacancies faster.



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