7 New year’s resolutions for recruiters: Be a better recruiter

Is your goal to become a better recruiter in the New Year? If so, here are seven resolutions to help you improve your game in 2020.


7 New Year’s resolutions for recruiters: Be a better recruiter

As we wrap up 2019, people will be reflecting on the year just passed and planning for the upcoming 12 months ahead. While many jot down personal goals and fitness targets, there’s no doubt that a lot of people will also be wondering how they can improve their professional careers. If one of your targets is to be a better recruiter in the New Year, here are seven ways you can improve your game.

Personal brand

Today, an increasing number of candidates are turning to social media to find their next job, and this is one of the main reasons why recruiters must focus on developing their personal brand. By being active online, engaging often and publishing useful news and views, individuals can be seen as experts in their field and attract more clients and candidates. Strike the right balance between personal and professional postings, and good use of engaging videos to become the next go-to person.

Communicate better

If your goal is to be a better recruiter in the New Year, it’s vital that you secure more placements, and one way of helping you achieve that goal is improving the candidate experience. Unfortunately, the recruitment industry has picked up a bad reputation for ‘ghosting’ candidates and failing to communicate throughout the hiring process. A lot of recruiters ‘forget’ to reach out to candidates when they have been unsuccessful or find themselves too busy to do so. This drastically damages the overall experience for the candidate and greatly hinders the chance of that person working with the recruiter again. Instead, professionals should take time to respond personally and have many touch points through the hiring process. Technology can be harnessed to aid engagement throughout can journey regardless of if candidate is successful or not

Work-life balance

The recruitment industry is known to be fast paced and full on. Dealing with people’s careers and life-changing moments comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility, which is why recruiters should ensure that they are maintaining a healthy work-life balance while working to succeed professionally.
Embracing opportunities for flexible working when possible, and ensuring that you are taking frequent breaks can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance. Although advancements in technology are making our jobs easier, it has also created an “always connected” environment which may make it difficult for some workers to switch off, causing increased levels of stress. It’s important that recruiters don’t fall into this trap, and allow time to be completely disconnected.

Follow up

To be a better recruiter, you’ll need to make sure that you never give up – and that means on candidates too. While a particular applicant may not have been right for the role you were hiring for at that time, it doesn’t mean they’ll not make an excellent candidate for other businesses. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with people and follow up with them. A like or comment on LinkedIn can help keep the relationship strong.


The power of networking can’t be underestimated. Attending recruitment events, those in the sectors you recruit for and general meet-ups can open up doors to new opportunities and valuable candidates. It’s also a great idea to keep up with other recruiters to exchange tips and tricks. Luckily, there are a number of recruitment industry events throughout the year, with many of them free to attend. Be sure to connect with those that you meet on LinkedIn, engage regularly and be open to joining in with discussions.

Training and development

Regardless of if you are a seasoned recruiter, or a newbie on the scene, continual learning and development can help you excel in your career and become an even better consultant. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of T&D, and waking up to the fact that learning should not stop with school. In fact, training and development is now one of the key factors that employees seek when looking for new opportunities. Professionals in the recruitment sector can particularly benefit from sharpening their tools frequently, as the industry is always advancing and evolving.

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