Employee Engagement Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022

Employee engagement is an HR approach intended to improve the quality of interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. The Human Resources department knows there is a positive correlation between an employee’s productivity and how valued they feel by the organisation. When a supervisor acknowledges an employee’s contribution to the department, it instills loyalty, dedication, and a desire to excel.


Traditionally, we’ve associated Valentine’s Day with romantic relationships, but this need not be the case. It can also be the perfect day for a business to set time aside to express appreciation for its most valuable resource.

Workplace friendships, camaraderie, and mutual respect form a foundation vital to an organisation’s ability to work as a unit. Why not use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate this unique bond between each member of the organisation?

The following ideas can assist your efforts to improve employee engagement—and boost team spirit while you’re at it.


Decorate your Workspace

Create a positive vibe in the office. Decorate your workspaces with festive decor and show some Valentine’s Day spirit. Place heart-shaped balloons, banners, and flowers around your office space.

Your employees are overly familiar with their workspaces—to the point of humdrum—so little touches will make all the difference. A festive note here and there can lift the spirits and boost morale.


Suggest a Dress Code

Your employees might enjoy a Valentine’s Day-themed dress code. Like casual Fridays, they can all relax and have fun with it—within business casual limits! Give everyone at least a week’s notice and offer a few suggestions, like wearing something red, pink, or purple with hearts or flowers. Red is the colour we all associate with Valentine’s Day, but there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Dressing up might seem like a silly thing at first, but it can bring everyone together. Lightening up and having some fun can be a nice change!


Express your Gratitude

Every employee wants to feel appreciated for their hard work and contribution. And Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to say thank you.

When an employee feels appreciated, they’re motivated to work hard and go the extra mile. So if you think it’s inappropriate to acknowledge only one employee with everyone present—without acknowledging them all—send emails or ecards. Everyone likes to see something in writing.

Send a personalized ecard to each person in your department. A few kind words will make their day. And while you’re at it, encourage peer-to-peer appreciation emails and ecards, too.


Host a Group Lunch

Nothing brings people together like sharing a good meal and enjoying some friendly banter. One of the best ways to promote employee engagement is to host a group lunch.

Be sure to prepare well ahead and inform everyone what time lunch will be served. Remember to ask about food preferences and allergies.

Encourage employees to speak up and have a conversation with everyone on the team. Keep the conversation casual and light. Try not to talk too much shop.


Set Up a Snack Box

Unfortunately, hosting a group lunch is not always an option. Sometimes, staff members may need to be out of the office, or they’re tied up with pressing business.

Set up a station for snacks and savouries like candies, crisps, and cakes. Employees can help themselves to a treat when they choose. Try to stick to the theme by getting heart-shaped chocolates and cakes.

Remember your health-conscious employees! Offer a few protein bars, dried fruits, and nuts to round out the snack table. And employees with nut allergies or lactose intolerance will appreciate a little thoughtfulness, too.

As with hosting any party, you don’t want to run out of food too early. Have plenty for everyone to snack on throughout the entire day.


Engage in Fun Activities

Liven up the work environment by engaging in fun activities. These activities improve the collaboration between team members and offer a change in pace.

Organise group activities like bingo and charades, or brain teasers and trivia. Encourage employees from different teams to work together. They’ll enjoy finally putting names to faces they’ve seen around the office.

Offer group activities like bingo and charades or brain teasers and trivia. Encourage employees from different teams to work together. They’ll enjoy finally putting names to faces they’ve seen around the office.


Spread the Love

Take your Valentine’s day celebration beyond the confines of your organisation. A good deed will go a long way. Discuss with your employees how best to spread some love and help members of your community.

It can be a charity or supporting a project—anything that helps the community. Work together and make a plan. Employees will be proud of their organisation and proud of the role they’ve played in contributing to the community.

These are activities that resonate; fulfilling for all involved. Employee engagement takes a holistic approach to the work/life balance.


Gift your Employees

The more traditional approach to keeping your employees engaged is putting together a tote bag with gifts and goodies. The gifts can be cookies, bookmarks, scented candles, cupcakes, etc.

Personalise your gifts with a heartfelt message of appreciation. It is always the thought that counts. A simple gift card will suffice if gift bags are too big of a project. The main takeaway is that, by recognising employee contributions, an organisation will reap the rewards of engaged and dedicated staff.


Wrapping Up

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or another festive occasion, always be mindful of your employees’ wishes and allow them to choose whether they want to take part in the activities.

The chief aim behind arranging such events is for the organisation to extend itself in gestures of thanks and appreciation. Taking the time to foster connections between employees will boost morale and increase their engagement with the company. It contributes directly to more inclusive workplace culture, improving employee retention.

For any organisation, fostering customer engagement should be a daily occurrence. Take the time to ensure your employees know they’re the most valuable asset of all.

“May today’s joy and fellowship support and sustain you… Happy Valentine’s Day to you.”



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