Performance Review Questions Every Manager Should Know

Employees in any organisation need constant feedback to track their performances and indicate the paths they must pursue to get better at their jobs. This is helpful for the employees and their career growth. As such, the managers must ask the right performance review questions to get the required feedback from their employees.


When an employee meets with the manager to talk about their performance, the manager also gains valuable feedback from the employee to ensure that they become a better version of themselves.

The performance review must include all the aspects of the employee and their involvement in the organisation. This provides a complete view of their performance and offers exclusive insight into their growth areas.

What Is a Performance Review?

A performance review is when the manager assesses the employee in various areas, such as their strengths, weaknesses, and areas needed for improvement, giving constructive feedback and setting goals for their future.

A performance review is also termed a performance appraisal or performance evaluation. The frequency of the performance review might vary based on the organisation and its requirements. Annual performance reviews are the general standard, but some organisations adopt quarterly and half-yearly performance reviews.

6% of companies surveyed think performance reviews are worth their time. Performance review offers a safe space for the employees to voice their concerns and overcome their hurdles if there are any. When done right, a performance review can also help the organisation handle changes and identify high-performing employees.

Performance Review Questions for Employees

In a performance review, managers usually question employees about their performance and draw conclusions based on that. This does not mean that only the employees answer questions. They can question the employers, as well.

The following are questions every manager should ask employees to get better insight into their performance:

General Performance Review Questions

When a manager starts asking performance review questions, it is necessary to start slow. It is better to start with general questions about the employees’ performance before diving into more specific areas.

  • What were some personal goals you set for yourself?
  • What were some goals you could accomplish?
  • What were some goals you could not accomplish?
  • What motivates you to achieve your goals?
  • Can you think of ways to make your job more enjoyable?
  • What are some ways you stay productive throughout the day?

Employee Strength Related Performance Review Questions

There may be times when you cannot appreciate your employees for their achievements. This could be the time to do that. Since each employee contributes something unique to the team, it is necessary to ensure that their strengths contribute to the organisation.

As a manager, you may have some ideas about their areas of strength. You should get the employees to talk about their strengths.

  • What are your strengths, and how do you leverage them at work?
  • What skills do you believe you could use more in the organisation?
  • What makes you the best fit for our organisation?
  • What are some strengths that make your job easier?

Employee Improvement Related Performance Review Questions

After identifying the strengths, it is time to find areas where the employee may need to improve to offer more value to the organisation. It is essential to understand that every employee has a skill gap that makes it challenging to efficiently perform their duties.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees to perform more for the organisation by identifying the areas that need improvement and suggesting ways for them to bridge the skill gap.

  • What were some targets you could not achieve?
  • What hinders your performance when achieving your goals?
  • How will you handle tasks that are challenging for you?
  • What are some areas where you need to develop?
  • How can I help you in creating the necessary skills?
  • What are three skills you feel are essential to make your tasks more manageable in the future?

Employee Roles Related Performance Review Questions

While discussing the employee and their performance, obviously their roles will come up in the process. Questions related to the employees’ roles, both current and future, are necessary. These questions reveal the goals they have set for themselves and their aspirations within the organisation.

From the employees’ side, this gives them a path through which they need to traverse, and the skill they need to acquire to move to the new role. Discussing the current role will help you understand their value for the organisation. At the same time, questions about their future role can help you learn about their goals.

  • What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
  • Which is the part of your job that you least enjoy?
  • What are the roles you are interested in handling?
  • Do you need any changes to your current role?
  • What do you want your next position at the company to be?
  • How would you handle more responsibilities in the job?
  • What type of career growth are you hoping to have?

Manager Relation Related Performance Review Questions

The performance review can help you develop relationships with your employees. You must use this opportunity to establish yourself as a manager and find out the areas where you need improvement.

Your employees need you to come up with plans for development, as well as a different management style that would work better with the employees’ goals. To learn more about that, you need to encourage your employees to offer insights into your management style, strengths and weaknesses.

  • What are the areas you think I need to improve?
  • How do you like to receive feedback or appreciation for your achievements?
  • What are the changes you would like to see in my management style?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses, according to you?
  • Is there any help you need from my end to complete your work on time?
  • How do you think we can improve our relationship?
  • Do you think the team works well together?
  • How do you think I can improve the team working collaboratively?

Company Culture Related Performance Review Questions

It is necessary to find out more about the company culture and the flaws in the current workings of the company, if there are any. After all, the company culture plays a huge role in employee engagement and retention.

Company culture can never stay the same in an organisation. It should accommodate new employees and change with the organisation as new employees join the workforce. To achieve that, the inputs of the employees are necessary.

  • Are you comfortable with the company culture as it is now?
  • Is there any way the company culture can be improved?
  • What are ways to make the company culture more inclusive and diverse?
  • What makes you proud about being a part of the company?
  • What makes this company stand out from a typical company?


The performance review questions mentioned above can provide you with insight into the employees and their performance in the company. It is best to keep an outline of questions during the performance review. That does not mean that you need to only stick to the questions mentioned above. Talk to the employee and let them guide your follow-up questions. Make them feel at ease to get the most out of the performance review.


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