How to truly create an engaging candidate attraction strategy

With pay rising and unemployment falling, applicants now hold the power when it comes to job offers. Most businesses no longer have the luxury of having candidates flocking to them and instead need to work hard on creating an engaging attraction strategy in order to source the best talent. Getting this step right is a crucial foundation of a successful recruitment process. However, with competition for skilled-workers higher than ever before, it’s important that your approach stands out from the crowd. Here’s how you can create an engaging candidate attraction strategy.


Get creative with job descriptions

Many candidates will find out about what a company has to offer through job descriptions. That’s why it’s crucial that they not only feature all the key information about the role, but are also highly memorable too. With job descriptions often being the first touch point in the recruitment process for most candidates, it’s vital that they make a strong impact. One way of doing this is swapping standard written-posts for funky videos. Whether these are motion graphics or quick interviews with real recruiters and employees, videos can be far more engaging than text. This, of course, is more time-consuming than simply posting an ad, however it shows candidates that you take recruitment seriously and are willing to invest in the best talent.


An engaging candidate attraction strategy: Gamification

Another way you can create a more engaging candidate attraction strategy is implementing gamification. This is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve a certain outcome. Although this term has been around in recruitment for a while, it is not utilised enough. The US Army, however, is a great example of an organisation using gamification effectively. It recently announced that it will be recruiting people with the help of Virtual Battlespace, which is essentially a simulator of military operations. Candidates will be employed depending on how well they performed and their game rating. This is certainly the type of experience that will be attracting applicants.


Honesty and an authentic voice

Now, more than ever before, candidates are attracted to businesses by what they stand for. According to Deloitte, along with culture, diversity and flexibility in the workplace, the younger generations, in particular, seek clear alignment with business leaders’ priorities when looking for roles. In general, millennials and Gen Zs will support companies that align with their values. That’s why, to attract the best candidates, employers must be honest and authentic about their business beliefs and be vocal about their corporate social responsibility (CSR). A fantastic way of getting this messaging out is through sharing your views on social media.


A careers site with the candidate in mind

Another great place to share messaging about your CSR and values is on your careers page. This is the dedicated space designated to wowing candidates. Don’t just use this area to post job ads. Instead, share content such as videos, blogs and podcasts to provide more information about your business and employer brand. A well-developed careers page with the candidate in mind will undoubtedly lead to more applicants. Also, make navigating the page as simple and easy as possible for the user. Job seekers should be able to research and apply for jobs with a minimal amount of clicks.


Employer Value Proposition

As part of developing an engaging candidate attraction strategy, you should spend time enhancing your employer value proposition (EVP). Being recognised as a reputable and fair employer will have more people choosing your business over your competition. Again, firms must be honest about what they can offer employees. This doesn’t just have to be about impressive salaries, as today an increasing amount of workers value flexibility, a supportive environment and career development.

By prioritising candidate attraction, and trying these simple yet effective approaches, you’ll be on track to winning the best talent. To find out more, get in touch today.


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 – Clair Bush, Strategy Director at LogicMelon


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