The Importance of an Offboarding Process

When an employee decides to leave the company for some reason, or even if you are firing the employee, it is essential to make a smooth transition with the exit process.


Treat the employee, during the offboarding process, just like how you would treat them during the onboarding. Ease them from their duties and help the new hires get an idea of the job.

Once someone from your organisation reaches the end of the employment lifecycle, you must ensure that they end their employment well.

An employee leaving your company will either promote your company or spread a bad reputation about your company. It all depends on the experience of your employees. Even for an employee who has had a bad experience, it is possible to reduce the damage and give the employee a positive experience during the offboarding process.

Promotes Boomerang Employees

A boomerang employee is someone who leaves your organisation, then comes back to be a part of your organisation for the same or a different role.

The reason for an employee to leave your organisation might vary, but the only reason they are back again is that your organisation is the right fit for them. It will only happen when you maintain your connection after they leave your company.

To have more people come back to your organisation, they must have a proper offboarding process. An employee who had never had a proper offboarding operation would never come back to the organisation, since it would be the last impression they have of their employment at your organisation.


Addresses Security and Legal Issues

The employee would possess access to various accounts and company assets. The offboarding process allows both parties to take time to make a smooth transition. The company should recover gadgets, laptops, and ID cards.

As for the legal aspect of employee termination, make sure that you receive a formal resignation letter. The employee should understand the non-disclosure or a non-competitive agreement if there are any. The employee should not be oblivious of such clauses.


Maintains a Good Employer Branding

A good offboarding process will help your organisation stand out and promote a positive image to your employees since it is the last experience they have with the company. They are most likely to endorse your company.

The offboarding process impacts the employer branding just as much as the candidate experience. 97% of the most appealing employers worldwide say employer branding is their topmost priority.The ex-employees are most likely to respond positively on sites like glassdoor if they had a good offboarding process with your organisation.

It would help other candidates come toward you during your recruitment process and makes it much easier to scout candidates if they feel that your organisation is more employee-centric.


Offers Strong Insights

Receiving valuable insight is the most crucial part of offboarding. Make sure to collect as much information as possible from the employee while still being mindful of their time. The employees leaving your organisation can still contribute to your company’s growth.

The employee might have had a challenging situation dealing with something in their workplace. During their employment, they might not have been open to talking about it. During their exit interview, they may be more forthcoming with it.

It is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from the employee about the company, their experience with their peers and the challenge. The employee should feel comfortable and safe to talk out everything with you.

Analyse the feedback and notify the proper department of what is lacking. Use the opportunity to sort out a way to improve upon it. You could also show appreciation to the employees and managers who the leaving employee appreciated.



The relationship between the organisation and employees need not end once the employee quits or moves to another company. You can still stay connected with them and maintain a good relationship with them. Seek permission from the ex-employees and try to form a group to keep in contact with them on social media sites.

Above all, it is essential to express your gratitude and appreciation for your employees for their contribution to your company.


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