10 Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day at Your Workplace

Organisations make arrangements to make women feel valued during this occasion. Women employees must know the importance of their roles in the organisation to be successful. 


The ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day at your workplace are:

women's day

1. Wear Purple

Set the tone for the day, men and women should wear purple to celebrate in support of the occasion. Give opportunity for both men and women to feel involved in the celebration while planning the day with the games and other activities.

Decorate the office by wearing purple, green, or white to work on International Women’s Day to show their support. Leaving men out of the conversation is not fair, make them feel valued and encourage them to participate in activities, and distribute gifts to mark the occasion.

2. Recognise and Reward

Recognise employees for their efforts and reward them with necessary awards. Kick off the event by recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work. Keep it a surprise to make the event more exciting, and make sure that the female employees are not aware of the event until the official announcement. Encourage women leaders in the organisation to speak about their experiences and invite people to listen to them.

3. Organise a Trip

Organise a trip for the employees and have games for employee engagement. This helps you workers to spend some time away from their regular work, and provides an opportunity to rejuvenate and perform well at their work. Organisations are advised to keep a special budget for these events. Competitive games, such as outdoor activities can be organised for the employees to create a joyful environment.

Regardless of the place where you are heading, make sure to enjoy it down the way to make sure it is memorable and enjoyable and welcome the female workers with flowers as soon as they step into the organisation would be great kickstart on a special day.

4. Decorating the Office

Decorate the office with balloons and other necessary equipment to make everyone aware of the occasion and distribute chocolates to boost employees’ morale. Display posters of great, inspirational female leaders to inspire the employees to apply their qualities in the workplace.

Organisations can also decorate the office with women’s inspirational stories and these experiences can create a positive impact on female employees in the organisation.

5. Talk About Gender Equality

Give a speech about gender equality with an interactive session to engage with the employees and address their queries. Encourage women leaders to run the show by inspiring the employees about sharing their impact in the industry and the challenges faced and the steps taken to overcome them. This is a great opportunity to express, network and connect with the people committed to gender equality. With the growing influence of women at work, speaking about gender equality helps to raise awareness about their importance in the workplace.

6. Share on Social Media

Post pictures on social media platforms about the celebration that took place in the workplace. The celebration should not be constrained only to the workplace. Social media posts help to reach out to the employees working remotely, and build interest in the occasion.

7. Appreciate Efforts

Women’s Day provides an opportunity for management to display great characteristics of the dignity, integrity, and efforts each individual female workforce possesses. Appreciate their efforts and make them feel valued during this time, so they know the importance of their role. Ask them to write about their positives, which helps them to appreciate themselves and recognise their values.

8. Gifts

Every employee likes a gift irrespective of their position in the organisation. Distribute gifts that make employees feel special, and present them to mark the day. It can be a stationery item on every desk to mark the occasion, so people can remember and feel involved in the festivities. Distribute gifts and spread a joyful experience to people in need by volunteering or contributing funds to help them. Ask your employees to donate any amount to a charity to help the underprivileged women’s community.

9. Get People Thinking

Have activities that involve everyone in the workplace to feel valued and can practice mindfulness with their experience, indulging themselves in these activities apart from the regular work that they do. These activities can boost employees’ morale and find leadership qualities during this time and motivate them to perform well.

To get the men involved in the activity, the organisation can post a challenge for all the men in the organisation to post a picture along with the women who inspired them. This helps men be valued, and participated in the activities, also helps women recognise positive attitude and qualities to cherish. 

10. Facilitate Feedback

Facilitate feedback survey questions in order to know whether the employees enjoyed the occasion and show the areas that can be improved to engage employees in the best way possible. This also helps to understand which part of the celebration the employees enjoyed the most, and can be followed on the next occasion to have a memorable day.

Closing Thoughts

Celebrating International Women’s Day at the workplace is the best way to show support for the occasion, and ,as an organisation, it acknowledges and appreciates women’s efforts. This time provides an opportunity to appreciate them for their efforts and acknowledges the greater participation of women in professional and everyday life.

On this International Women’s Day make sure that women leaders and employees feel appreciated, reward them, and respect them. 



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