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Candidate attraction

The art and science of Candidate Attraction.

Welcome to LogicMelon’s media hub - a collection of means and ways to help you reach and engage with candidates everywhere. When it comes to candidate attraction we could all do with that little bit extra reach and impact. That’s what LogicMelon’s media arm is all about, it allows you to tap into our skills and buying power to create a tailored candidate attraction solution

So, what could your candidate attraction plan look like? Here are our top six media services.

Job board media


We’re buying job board advert credits every day for our clients. Our relationship with our contacts is second to none. Use our buying power in the market to gain some of the best rates available. 

Offline media

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It’s not all about online reach and engagement. We’ll balance your online activities with offline efforts so you can be sure your attraction plan is consistent regardless of medium. Our team can help you create on-brand communications for local and national printed publications so you can get your word out there in the best way possible.


radio radio radio radio radio radio radio radio

Occupy the airwaves to attract your top talent. We can create effective and engaging local campaigns that target your desired talent and kick start a fantastic candidate experience.

Social media campaigns

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We all know the power of social media but leveraging it is another matter completely. Luckily we’ve teamed up with ‘We love 9am’ to offer our clients a series of social services. From CPC and landing pages to Facebook targeting and Twitter engagement tweets, we make sure you’re in the right places at the right times.

Career microsites

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Create a central experience for all your candidates with a career micro-site.

Calling on the expertise of ‘We love 9am’, they design and build amazing career microsites from the ground up.

Employer branding consultancy

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You’re only as good as your employer brand so we make sure yours is in good shape. With the help of 'We Love 9am', we can get you ready to target and engage with talent. 

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