Talent Pool

When it comes to recruiting, having a pre-filtered, ready-made pool of talent to choose from vastly reduces the time and costs involved in hiring.

With LogicMelon’s ‘Talent Pool’ software, you can find high-calibre candidates before anyone else does. Be smart with our software and you’ll beat the competition effortlessly.


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What is LogicMelon’s ‘Talent Pool’?

Our ‘Talent Pool’ software is an ingenious piece of kit that can give your entire recruitment strategy a boost. Using clever technology called ‘parsing’, our software reads key information from CVs to find candidates that best match your job roles. This gives recruiters a strong advantage by helping automate recruitment workflow applications and improving data quality – LogicMelon’s ‘Talent Pool’ works for you, enhancing CV searching, candidate matching, analytics and reporting.

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How does it work?

There are three simple steps to this highly complex software:

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The LogicMelon ‘Talent Pool’ does the hard work by processing CVs from multiple sources, including job adverts, job board CV searches and even those that drop into your inbox.



Advanced ‘semantic meta-search technology’ searches for the CVs that are best matched to your job. This is great news for recruiters, as it means you no longer need to learn the complexities of the inbuilt CRM search and Boolean strings.



CVs are then categorised and ranked with a percentage based on how well they match your search, so you can create a shortlist of high-quality candidates that are best suited to your role.

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