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Careerjet is based in London, UK. It is the job search engine with the largest international presence, currently operating in 90 countries and in 28 languages. Every day, millions of users worldwide land on our search results. Job ads which feature in Careerjet search can benefit from a diverse job-seeker audience and increased activity (targeted CVs and applications). We are customer-focused and provide personalised advice, from integration and delivery to maintenance of a healthy traffic acquisition strategy, including detailed troubleshooting.

Careerjet’s cost-effective model only charges when relevant candidates click on your jobs to get redirected to your job description pages, with a high chance of being interested and qualified. The minimum top-up is USD 100 and the price per click starts at USD 0.10.

Contact name: Thomais Sakali

Contact phone: +44 (0) 203 4118109


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