Evenbreak has an audience of talented disabled candidates looking to work with inclusive employers. We have candidates looking for entry-level to C-suite roles.

Over 80% of disabled candidates acquire their disability as an adult, so it’s highly likely they have the experience you’re struggling to find in other talent pools.
Many employers know about the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce but may struggle to attract disabled candidates. Advertising on the Evenbreak job board demonstrates to this multi-talented group, that you are serious about employing disabled people.
Candidates trust Evenbreak because it’s run by and for disabled people so we have lived experience of the types of barriers they face. We also provide candidates with free career coaching and access to a range of resources with a focus on disability, written by qualified career coaches.
Helping disabled candidates realise why they’re premium candidates.

Contact name: Rachael Salt

Contact phone: +44 (0)845 658 5717

Contact email:


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