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Who are we?

At RetailWeekJobs we have careers in Retail at the heart of what we do.

RetailWeekJobs is the official job board for Retail Week Magazine. Over the last 25 years Retail Week’s reputation has been built upon its exclusive news coverage experience and insight in the retail industry, and can offer you unique opportunities to further your brand presence and drive your recruitment campaigns.

Last year, we catered for nearly a quarter of a million unique retail-specific users, all looking for the best in retail management jobs. This is a constantly growing figure and is just one of the reasons why we are an excellent platform to find the right candidates for you.

Why do jobseekers come to us first?

We cater for jobseekers’ next Head Office appointment.

As candidates are key to your campaign’s success, we have focused everything we do around two simple concepts – quality and convenience:

Quality: our jobs are industry-specific and high quality. When jobseekers come to us they get jobs from a wide variety of big name brands as well as independent retailers, catering to every need.

Convenience: we have made the candidate journey as straightforward and interactive as possible, so each jobseeker can find the right job for them.

Our CV database has over 7,000 retail professionals currently online, providing you with an ideal platform to find the right candidates and better the effectiveness of your recruitment drives.

Why advertise with us?

We focus on the same two principles for all the recruiters that come through our site. Beyond our expertise, we have the products and understanding to tailor each campaign to each and every employer’s needs:

Jobseekers: with high quality roles, you will have access to the high quality candidates that they attract.

Products: the combination of our range of online and offline products with our audience and readership will provide you with an effective and targeted campaign and will get your brand seen and your voice heard.

Variety: we are part of the most comprehensive family of media brands in UK fashion and retail – Retail Week, Drapers, Retail Jeweller and Store Managers in Fashion. We are a significant part of the retail community and can therefore get your job in front of an unrivalled professional audience.

Whether you are an international brand, looking for your next Head of Ecommerce, or a start-up looking to expand, we have the candidates and products for you and your company.

To find out what RetailWeekJobs can do for your roles and your campaigns please contact one of our recruitment specialists on 0203 033 2986 or e-mail:


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