Strike-Jobs aims to provide job seekers with a variety of vacancies around the world. Employment for disabled and non-disabled workers all on the one Job Board. Our job centre online arena covers all jobs, part time, full time, temporary or freelance along with student jobs with jobs in London, jobs in Australia, or even in China? We will have something for you wherever your job search takes you. We have student jobs, intern vacancies, apprenticeship places, we have new jobs today and every day!! Job seekers will be able to search by sector and by location within three clicks from start to finish. Don’t be a national statistic. Unemployment, not for you!! New career, jobsearch now to find your good job today, even a job that pays over £50K+ for the more experienced or most ambitious amongst us. Are you happy with your job that you are doing TODAY? Browse our site today. Many jobs in catering, property, law, engineering, even divers on the oil rigs, you never know you may find a really unusual job that you would never normally consider.

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