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We integrate with thousands of job boards across the globe, and we’re adding new ones all the time. If you can’t find the board you’re looking for, we’ll make it a priority to add it for you, so you can continue to multi-post with ease.

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Integrating your job board with us provides added value for our mutual clients. Create a smoother, more efficient system which benefits everyone.
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Youco was made available on 24 February 2022. No short description is available yet.

Your Care Jobs

Your Care Jobs was made available on 13 February 2017. No short description is available yet.

Your Food Job is a leading job board specialising in the food and drink manufacturing sector. If you are looking for top talent, especially within Technical/Quality, NPD/R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing/Production, Supply

YM Careers Network

YM Careers Network was made available on 23 August 2023. No short description is available yet.


There are so many advantages when you integrate with LogicMelon


LogicMelon serves as the link between your CRM/ATS and you, enabling every part of your recruitment system to work in harmony together.

You’ll have access to a wide network of recruiters. Being better connected improves your efficiency and increases your ROI.

Job distribution is easily automated, meaning a quick, hassle-free experience for recruiters who use your board.

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