From daily to hourly candidate searches with LogicMelon.

Be sure you have access to the newest jobseekers by, automating your search process within LogicMelon using Search+ and our new hourly Watchdogs.

Capture job seeker details as soon as they register or become active on the job boards and give yourself a head start in the Battle for Talent.


Simply go to your Watchdogs folder within Search+, select the relevant Watchdog and ‘Edit’.
You’ll now see you have the ability to set the frequency. This is also available when creating a Watchdog from new.

You’re all set to be notified of the latest, relevant jobseekers as soon they become available!

Connecting recruiters to industry leading talent

Contact us today to discuss adding hourly Watchdogs to your account. or call  UK: +44 (0) 203 553 3667  USA: +1 860 269 3089