Bringing your candidates together into one place – LogicMelon & Vincere.

We understand how time consuming it can be, to source candidates on your external boards whilst also wanting to capture the talent you already have in your ATS database. This is why LogicMelon and Vincere have collaborated, to bring you Vincere in the LogicMelon marketplace.

Not only can you use LogicMelon Search+ via your Vincere account, but you can now search your Vincere database of candidates alongside your job boards, combining the results in one place! Using Boolean, you can tap into new talent and existing candidates, reach out to potential matches, attach candidates to roles and even set the searches up to run hourly as Watchdogs.


Connecting recruiters to industry leading talent

Contact us today to discuss adding Vincere to your Search+ options! or call  UK: +44 (0) 203 553 3667  USA: +1 860 269 3089