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15 Recruitment KPIs and Metrics You Need to Know

The recruitment process begins when a job posting appears on sourcing channels and ends when a qualified candidate joins the organisation. The health and viability of any company depend on getting this process right.

The Joys of Multiposting

Whether you’ve just graduated or looking for a new challenge, social media can help you make real progress in your career.

Empowering your Employees to Champion your Company Culture

We’re always told how important company culture is to your employer brand and your ability to attract talent. But there’s a disconnect between this term and the people who apparently experience it every day – your employees are the gatekeepers to a successful employer brand.

The Character of a Company

Why do we love visiting certain pubs? Why do we prize some houses so much more than others? Why do we speak fondly of certain people?

The Death of the Job Interview

When I originally joined the BBC, way back in the early 1990s, it was as a trainee. The interview was half an hour long. Which meant, when the big moment came, I was expecting to face two, perhaps three people.

How to Advertise a job

Job Advertising can be tricky, and you need to invest time to make the right decisions, to help you get the best return possible from placing a job advert.

Are personal brands a good thing?

Are personal brands a good or bad thing? They’re certainly getting more prevalent. Many are forging their own path to success in business by telling their story and using their voice. But what do personal brands mean for these individuals’ colleagues, staff, and employers?

How to interview…

Everyone carries out interviews each and every day. You just don’t always realise it. Talking to your partner, or a friend, about what happened at work?

3 Emerging Technologies in Advertising

Advertising has changed a great deal over the past few years, and while the variations can be attributed to any number of things—evolving taste, shifting demographics, popular trends—it’s all made possible due to the new technologies being introduced. These technologies can help advertisers reach larger audiences, spend less time on research and development, and ultimately, gain more while spending less. Here are three new emerging technologies in advertising.

How to effectively use job boards

If you want to attract the best candidates for your firm, you’ll need to know how to use job board effectively. Find out in this blog.

Cutting the costs of social care recruitment

Recruitment is expensive. There are the direct costs of advertising and recruitment agencies as well as the cost of your time in drafting job descriptions and adverts, finding the correct place to advertise, briefing the recruitment agent, filtering applications, shortlisting, inviting people for interview, interviewing, deciding on the best candidate, offering the role, arranging contracts, induction, training and more.

Social Care Recruitment Strategy

A social care recruitment strategy is essential for understanding your workforce, your current and future recruitment needs to support your business objectives.

How to Protect and Build Your Employer Brand

As most great leaders will be aware of, people are a business’ most important asset and often determine whether a firm will be successful or not. That’s why it’s crucial that companies focus on developing and creating an excellent employer brand in order to attract and retain top talent. If this part of the business is not given conscious effort, the company will still have an ‘employer brand’, however it won’t be one that they’re in control of. Here’s everything you need to know about protecting your employer brand.

What recruiters must do to address health and social care’s skills shortage

There’s no denying that the health and social care skills shortage is at crisis point. With demand for services rising, but resources shrinking, the current workforce is under immense pressure, and finding talent is becoming increasingly difficult. From adult care to child care, all sectors are experiencing similar challenges of sourcing qualified professionals. Here’s why recruiters must address the health and social care skills shortage and what they can do to alleviate strain.

How to overcome unconscious bias in the workplace

While many may assume that hiring managers will automatically opt for the candidates that possess the right skills and attributes when filling a role, countless studies have shown that unconscious bias often plays a big part in selecting employees. The term has recently become a buzz word in recruitment and HR, and highlighted as a serious problem, as more people are noticing that stereotypes and prejudices are influencing the recruitment process and employees’ experiences. Here’s how you can overcome unconscious bias in the workplace.

The cyborg workforce: How robotics is changing the world of work

With 2020 on the horizon, and AI and robotics no longer buzzwords or a distant reality, but integrated aspects of our everyday lives, employers must begin preparing for the new world of work – the cyborg workforce. This term refers to the amalgamation of employees and robotics – whether it be machine learning, automation, advanced data analytics, or A.I.- it will undoubtedly reshape the current work ecosystem.

What are the dangers of a bad candidate experience and how can you avoid it?

Most professionals in recruitment have heard the horror story of how Virgin Media lost roughly $5 million dollars in revenue from mishandling the candidate experience. The rejected applicants which were treated incorrectly turned out to be customers too, and the overall negative experience resulted in them taking their subscriptions elsewhere. This infamous example perfectly demonstrates the dangers of a bad candidate experience. Here’s how you can avoid getting into a similar situation yourself.

How to truly create an engaging candidate attraction strategy

With pay rising and unemployment falling, applicants now hold the power when it comes to job offers. Most businesses no longer have the luxury of having candidates flocking to them and instead need to work hard on creating an engaging attraction strategy in order to source the best talent. Getting this step right is a crucial foundation of a successful recruitment process. However, with competition for skilled-workers higher than ever before, it’s important that your approach stands out from the crowd. Here’s how you can create an engaging candidate attraction strategy.

Lessons Learned as a Hiring Manager

At this time of year, it’s often a great time for reflection (and for getting to all of those jobs you’ve not had time to do). As I started to plan out the summer reflection, I got to thinking about what I’ve learned this past 12 months. Besides working on a number of great projects, I’ve also been reminded of the experiences I’ve had throughout my career as both a job seeker and hiring manager, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

TEAM: Only Real Leaders May Apply

Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking long and hard at my own skill set as we embark on a new chapter of growth at LogicMelon. As the business is set to transform, I’ve found myself wondering about my role in helping the business get to the next level, more specifically I want to make sure we have the best people in the right place to help us to achieve all we can – and that includes me.

Personal vs. Corporate Brand

The power of brand is undisputable. It is estimated that 7.1 billion people across the world recognise the Coca-Cola logo – that is 94% of the population of earth. Meanwhile, an academic study has found that children under five routinely recognise brands including Disney, Shell and Warner Brothers. While the fact that 93% of the tots studied recognised the McDonald’s logo may not be altogether surprising, the finding that Toyota was also familiar to 80% of those quizzed highlights the strength and reach of a well-honed brand.

An introduction to the Robot-Proof Recruiter, written by Katrina Collier

here’s no doubt that the world of recruitment is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up, let alone ahead of these changes is a huge challenge, which can feel overwhelming from time-to-time. But this is a moment to pause pick up a copy of the Robot-Proof Recruiter, by author Katrina Collier – and read through what is, in my opinion the best and most practical guide to recruiting today.

Blond Ambition For More Than a 9 to 5

Recently I had an amazing night out in the West End watching 9to5, the musical theatre production named after the 1980s movie, starring Dolly Parton. As well as the sheer comedy genius, I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective on working life and I started to think about my career journey as a GenX.

​Empower your Employees to Champion your Company Culture

We’re always told how important company culture is to your employer brand and your ability to attract talent. But there’s a disconnect between this term and the people who apparently experience it every day – your employees are the gatekeepers to a successful employer brand.