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Being your True Self in The Inclusive Workplace

A recruiter’s life consists of multiple tasks that can make managing them all challenging to handle. However, what differentiates a recruiter from a highly organised recruiter is how they manage their time.

Tips to Be a Highly Organised Recruiter

A recruiter’s life consists of multiple tasks that can make managing them all challenging to handle. However, what differentiates a recruiter from a highly organised recruiter is how they manage their time.

Employee Rewards and Recognition: The Definition, Differences, and Advantages

Employee rewards and recognition are major elements that can motivate employees. In most organisations, these two factors are included in the employee’s journey. It can establish a long-term relationship between management and the employees. Employees find it easier to work harder when they feel as if they matter.

Candidate Sourcing Definition

The recruitment process shouldn’t always depend on the candidate looking for open positions in your organisation, applying for the role, and entering the recruitment process. Sometimes, it is better if recruiters are proactive in their search for new candidates for their organisation.

7 Efficient Methods for Candidate Sourcing

To get the best candidate for your organisation, you must engage in candidate sourcing. It has become a prerequisite for the recruitment process. Candidate sourcing can help the organisation find the right candidate for its workforce.

Importance of Good Workplace Ethics

Every employee has their own morals and values. When different employees come together to work in an organisation, it is necessary to have some guidelines that ensure minimum discord between employees. To ensure this, an organisation needs to have proper workplace ethics.

Resume Parsing: Benefits and Challenges

For any job opening, a recruiter receives numerous resumes from candidates. Most candidates may not even make it through the initial screening stage, and there may be various reasons for that.

Benefits of CRM Working with a Job Multi-Poster

Candidate relationship management is vital for the recruitment team of every organisation. Building a positive experience for the candidate as they start their recruitment journey is highly important.

Tips to Develop Workplace Ethics Among Employees

All organisations need highly passionate employees to bring their company to greater heights. It all starts with workplace ethics. Employees keen on achieving their goals can help their organisation improve, and it is essential to understand that it all begins with individual efforts.

Top 10 HR Challenges and How to Handle Them

Human resource management is all about understanding the difficulties that a business faces and charting effective solutions with the assistance of a diverse workforce. Managing human resources differs from managing physical resources, such as a building or machine, in that physical resources have limitations and can be easily replaced, whereas humans are finite and cannot be easily replaced in most cases.

6 Simple Ways to Engage Remote Employees

Employee engagement is not an easy task. Employers must keep in mind the changing times and cater to the various needs of their employees to increase their engagement with the company. In that regard, when working remotely has become common for multiple businesses, it is necessary to develop ways to engage remotely with those employees.

8 Workplace Etiquettes Every Employee Should Know

In a work environment, it is common for employees from various cultural backgrounds to work together. When every employee comes together as a team under the same roof, employers expect excellent practices. These workplace etiquettes are necessary to ensure that every employee treats their co-workers respectfully and avoids actions that might make them uncomfortable.

Necessary HR Metrics You Should be Measuring

In an organisation, keeping track of all spending and the benefits gained from what you spend is mandatory. In that regard, organisations should also measure the work of the HR team to get a proper indication of various aspects of the employees, such as growth, retention, development, and engagement.

Who Are High Potential Employees, and How Do You Identify Them?

In every organisation, certain employees would stand apart from the team. This might not seem like anything, since there is bound to be a difference in the employee’s performance with every team. But looking closely, you might find that such employees always shine in their duties.

4 Easy Ways to Hire More Diverse Candidates

Building a diverse workforce has numerous benefits for the organisation. It is essential to ensure that your organisation does everything it can to attract diverse candidates to join the recruitment pipeline to build this workforce.

8 Efficient Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Increasing your employee engagement is a mandatory step for your organisation’s goals. An employee dedicated to the development of your organisation will show an increase in productivity and offer better services to your customers.

Challenges and Solutions for a Positive Candidate Experience

Organisations usually spend a lot on candidate attraction. The more candidates apply for an open role, the more likely the company can find top talent for their job openings. A much simpler way to attract more candidates is by focusing on the candidate experience.

7 Amazing Recruitment Ideas for Every Business

For a successful hiring process in an organisation, efficiency and creativity are vital. Regardless of the scale of your business, your hiring process should be satisfying. It should consist of innovative recruitment ideas to keep your organisation afloat and standing out from other competitors.

8 Steps to Start an Effective Recruitment Campaign

Attracting candidates and reaching out to them is one of the most challenging aspects of the recruitment process. A recruitment campaign can help with that. Every organisation keen on hiring new talents or building its talent pool should try a recruitment campaign. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Hiring a Boomerang Employee

In the recruitment process, you must use every method that brings you promising talents and contributes to your organisation’s growth. In that regard, a boomerang employee returning to your organisation after some time is someone you cannot overlook.

Hybrid Work Model: Definition and Advantages

After the sudden hit of the global pandemic, organisations have started to adopt the remote work model as the norm. But still, some organisations can never completely switch to remote working. These organisations use a hybrid work model that helps them get the best of both working remotely and working from the office.

5 Employer Branding Strategies Using Social Media

Any candidate who wants to join your company’s recruitment process will do extensive research even before completing the job application. This is where employer branding strategies are needed to make your company look good.

Recruitment Consultant Definition

Most of the time, it is hard for people to find a company that needs their skillset, and it is also hard for a company to find people with the required skills to work for their organisation. How does either of them overcome such a situation? The answer is simple; hire a recruitment consultant.

Social Recruitment 101: All You Need to Know

Every strategy should consider the current trends to ensure that the strategy works with the intended target audience. Recruitment strategy is no exception to that. Hiring trends need to adapt to the changing times to ensure that they are still valid. In such a case, the most recent up-and-coming trend in hiring is social recruitment.

Tips To Write an Attractive Job Advert

In a competitive market, finding the best talent can be intense. A poorly written job advert can be one of the reasons a candidate prefers to leave the organisation. If they find it misleading or not up to expectations. Either way, your organisation’s employee retention rate and brand identity take the hit.

Job Requisition – All You Need to Know

Every renowned organisation has a recruitment process that includes job requisition, job description, and job postings. You are well aware of job descriptions and job postings. But job requisition is often left unnoticed, while it plays a significant part in the recruitment process.

10 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Hmmm..?? The satisfaction of hiring managers? In terms of what? Hiring managers hire candidates, making sure they are skilled and fit the company culture, all while meeting the recruitment budget. What more satisfaction does a hiring manager need to have?

Reasons Why Candidates Ghost: How to Handle it

The term “Ghosting” can put you through a traumatic experience in your personal or professional life. Why do you think a candidate would make an effort to apply for a job opening and attend an interview, then, when it’s time to start a new chapter in your company, candidate ghosts you?

Hiring Biases You Need to Be Aware Of

On average, humans make decisions every 2.5 seconds, like you decided to click on a link and read this article. How confident are you that every decision you make is correct and unbiased? Let’s keep the personal life decisions aside and focus on your professional life.

Defining Employer Value Proposition

Before you assume this topic is technical jargon, you may want to hear me out. The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is neither technical jargon nor a new concept. It’s a process that has been followed for decades, which is now called the “Employer Value Proposition (EVP).”

Hiring a Cultural Fit Employee

You can train your employees for a process or skill, but not qualify them for how they operate or behave. For example: Employee X is skilled and brings tremendous value to their craft but is not aligned with your work culture. This is a red flag, isn’t it?

5 Reasons Why Hiring Manager Satisfaction is Important

Hmmm..?? The satisfaction of hiring managers? In terms of what? Hiring managers hire candidates, making sure they are skilled and fit the company culture, all while meeting the recruitment budget. What more satisfaction does a hiring manager need to have?

Customer Trust Equation

Business is all about people. So, what are people passionate or keen about? Trust. Neither businesses nor relationships would stand their ground if there was no constant trust.

The importance of Customer Lifetime Value

In the ever-changing marketing landscape, many businesses are increasing their emphasis on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a key measurement to plan their marketing strategy.

The Importance of an Offboarding Process

When an employee decides to leave the company for some reason, or even if you are firing the employee, it is essential to make a smooth transition with the exit process.

Boomerang Employees: Advantages and Best Practises

Employees always tend to move to a different organisation where they feel their career can significantly grow and experience a positive work culture. New opportunities may excite them, and the pay may be better.

Hire Efficiently Using Candidate Personas

Recruitment cannot be a random process of posting a job advert and hoping for the candidates to apply to be a part of your organisation. As a recruiter, you must have a clear idea of the candidate you are expecting to find from the market.

The 6 Stages of the Employee Life cycle

The relationship between the employee and the employer starts with the candidate trying to secure a job offer from the company. The relationship continues during their employment and should go on even after employees decide to leave the organisation.

How to Measure Your Customer Health Score

A customer health score is an inevitable metric to measure the customer success of a product or a business, especially involving SaaS. It is also one of the trickiest customer success key performance indicators (KPI) to measure. Customer health score depends entirely on the nature of your business and certain, specific metrics that are crucial for the business.

Understanding Skill Gap Analysis

No predefined employee skill set can cater to every need of a growing and ever-changing business industry. There will always be a difference in the skills of your employees and the ideal skills required to put yourself at the front of your business.

How Can Diversity Hiring Improve Your Company?

Recruitment is a highly competitive process. The company must not confine itself to hiring only candidates from a specific ethnicity and should expand its search for top candidates. This can help them stay competitive and recruit suitable candidates for their organisation.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Relationship Building

Customer Relationship building is a skill that is vital for every business to enhance their growth and improve their customer retention. A customer is most likely to stay in business with your organisation if you offer a positive customer experience and cater to their needs.

Best GDPR Compliant Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The recruitment process is vital for the growth of any business. Recruiters usually receive hundreds of applications across various job boards and managing, analyzing, and selecting the right candidate among the applications can be a nightmare.

Recruitment Agency Definition

As a job seeker, looking for job vacancies can get tiresome. The candidate has to go through various job boards across different channels to look for the perfect job that suits them.

4 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of your Recruitment Team

Whether you are a small-scale organisation or a large-scale organisation, it is undeniable that the employees are the backbone of a company. The recruitment process in which the organisation scouts a potential employee to join their ranks is crucial.

4 Benefits of Good Customer Service

A customer’s engagement with your product or business does not end when your product is sold. It goes on as long as the product is in use. You must assist with any issues or queries the customer might raise.

Employee Engagement Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022

Employee engagement is an HR approach intended to improve the quality of interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. The Human Resources department knows there is a positive correlation between an employee’s productivity and how valued they feel by the organisation. When a supervisor acknowledges an employee’s contribution to the department, it instills loyalty, dedication, and a desire to excel.

How to Fill Job Vacancies Faster (5 Tips)

No doubt about it, recruitment is a time-consuming process. And in a competitive market, with a business needing every advantage, speeding up the hiring process deserves some consideration.

How to Improve the Offer Acceptance Ratio

The recruitment process begins when a job posting appears on sourcing channels and ends when a qualified candidate joins the organisation. The health and viability of any company depend on getting this process right.

Is it Time to Consider an Applicant Tracking System?

The recruitment process begins when a job posting appears on sourcing channels and ends when a qualified candidate joins the organisation. The health and viability of any company depend on getting this process right.

15 Recruitment KPIs and Metrics You Need to Know

The recruitment process begins when a job posting appears on sourcing channels and ends when a qualified candidate joins the organisation. The health and viability of any company depend on getting this process right.

The Joys of Multiposting

Whether you’ve just graduated or looking for a new challenge, social media can help you make real progress in your career.

Empowering your Employees to Champion your Company Culture

We’re always told how important company culture is to your employer brand and your ability to attract talent. But there’s a disconnect between this term and the people who apparently experience it every day – your employees are the gatekeepers to a successful employer brand.

The Character of a Company

Why do we love visiting certain pubs? Why do we prize some houses so much more than others? Why do we speak fondly of certain people?

The Death of the Job Interview

When I originally joined the BBC, way back in the early 1990s, it was as a trainee. The interview was half an hour long. Which meant, when the big moment came, I was expecting to face two, perhaps three people.

How to Advertise a job

Job Advertising can be tricky, and you need to invest time to make the right decisions, to help you get the best return possible from placing a job advert.

Are personal brands a good thing?

Are personal brands a good or bad thing? They’re certainly getting more prevalent. Many are forging their own path to success in business by telling their story and using their voice. But what do personal brands mean for these individuals’ colleagues, staff, and employers?

How to interview…

Everyone carries out interviews each and every day. You just don’t always realise it. Talking to your partner, or a friend, about what happened at work?

3 Emerging Technologies in Advertising

Advertising has changed a great deal over the past few years, and while the variations can be attributed to any number of things—evolving taste, shifting demographics, popular trends—it’s all made possible due to the new technologies being introduced. These technologies can help advertisers reach larger audiences, spend less time on research and development, and ultimately, gain more while spending less. Here are three new emerging technologies in advertising.

How to effectively use job boards

If you want to attract the best candidates for your firm, you’ll need to know how to use job board effectively. Find out in this blog.

Cutting the costs of social care recruitment

Recruitment is expensive. There are the direct costs of advertising and recruitment agencies as well as the cost of your time in drafting job descriptions and adverts, finding the correct place to advertise, briefing the recruitment agent, filtering applications, shortlisting, inviting people for interview, interviewing, deciding on the best candidate, offering the role, arranging contracts, induction, training and more.

Social Care Recruitment Strategy

A social care recruitment strategy is essential for understanding your workforce, your current and future recruitment needs to support your business objectives.

How to Protect and Build Your Employer Brand

As most great leaders will be aware of, people are a business’ most important asset and often determine whether a firm will be successful or not. That’s why it’s crucial that companies focus on developing and creating an excellent employer brand in order to attract and retain top talent. If this part of the business is not given conscious effort, the company will still have an ‘employer brand’, however it won’t be one that they’re in control of. Here’s everything you need to know about protecting your employer brand.