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5 Benefits of In-House Training

In house training is an activity of training employees that aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organisation as a whole.

The Types of Employee Promotion

An employee promotion is a recognition of the person’s contribution towards the company. It plays a big role in employee satisfaction.

What Is a Stress Interview?

Stress interview is the method of helping you find the candidates who can handle pressure and how they react in stressful situations.

5 Conflict Management Techniques

Conflict management techniques are the practice of being able to handle conflicts between individuals by analysing facts and resolving them.

7 Benefits of Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is human resource management software that handles the process of searching for and hiring top talent for organisations.

5 Top Free Job Boards 2022

Free job boards are websites where employers post job openings for their organisation. This way job seekers can easily find jobs

MultiPosting: A Complete Guide

If you are posting the same job description on multiple job platforms, this is where the multiposting tool works for the recruiting business.

How to Hire Freelancers

Freelancers are independent contractor who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis typically for short-term work.

Guide to HR Data Analysis

Implementing an HR data analysis data-driven approach to business development and other aspects of the business that help to make decisions.

7 Steps For Reference Check

Reference check evaluates the applicant’s past job performance based on information collected from people who have worked with the applicant.

What are Halo and Horn Effect?

The Halo effect and Horn effect is a positive and negative first impression that leads to treating someone based on one trait.

How to Start a Recruitment Agency

There are certain requirements you need to understand before you start a recruitment agency. This blog will help you in understanding them.

Top 15 Diversity Job Boards

Diversity job boards are sites that aims to attract numerous job seekers from various backgrounds. Here is a list of 15 such job boards.

What is Candidate Attraction

Candidate attraction gives a selective talent pool to bring them as new hires and ensures the they go through the application process.

Understanding Employer Branding

Employer branding is how you want people to perceive your organisation by creating an image that will define what your company stand for.

How to Get Your Job Advert on LinkedIn

There are great benefits by posting on LinkedIn where you can easily access and manage your job adverts. It is necessary to understand how to efficiently do that.

What is a Person-Organisation Fit

Person-organisation fit is the compatibility between an employee and the organisation. It is measured in terms of values, ethics, and mission.

What Is Recruitment Advertising?

Recruitment advertising brings together the best elements of recruiting and advertising to help you find the best talent out there.

What Is Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is a great way to find what new roles are needed in a company and what changes one can make to get valuable results.

Peer Interview: A Complete Guide

In a peer interview, the job seeker will sit down with the employee working on the applied role and engage in the interview process.

What Is a Talent Pool?

Candidates in the talent pool possess the potential to meet the immediate and long-term hiring needs of the company.

What Does an ATS Do?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software for recruiters to keep track of candidates’ profiles throughout the hiring process.

Understanding Interview Scoring Matrix

When all the candidates are evaluated using this interview scoring matrix, it is easier for the hiring manager to compare candidates competing for the same position.

What Is Talent Acquisition?

Understanding talent acquisition is necessary for the recruiters to make an informed decision about their candidates to help them improve their recruitment process. 

How to Conduct Staff Appraisal

When the staff appraisal system is implemented correctly, it will boost your company’s productivity and, in turn, build your employee brand and reduce turnover.

Understanding Blind Recruitment

Blind recruitment is a hiring strategy that anonymizes certain aspects of the candidate to remove unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Handling Understaffing in the Workplace

To avoid understaffing, hiring more employees and retaining them is not always ideal. This too may not offer a proper solution for your problems, and it might cost you even more to hire more employees.

Tips to Manage Underperformance in Employees

As an employer, you need to understand that this is common, and every workplace faces some form of underperformance issue, regardless of the nature of its business. Your responsibility is to identify the reasons for the underperformance and manage them.

Reasons for Employee Underperformance

To manage the employees who underperform in your company, you need to understand the causes of the underperformance in employees and address them quickly.

What Is Job Analysis? Importance and Steps to Conduct One

A job analysis helps you with a better job description, eventually attracting more suitable applications and a better hiring decision. This process will also enhance your performance management feedback, guiding your employees for better performance.

5 Proactive Hiring Strategies to Follow in 2022

Proactive recruitment is the process of acquiring candidates ahead of hiring demands. And to carry this out, the hiring managers need to understand which department of their organisation will likely have increased workloads in the future.

Your Guide to Onboarding

Onboarding helps the new employees to learn more about the values, mission, & vision of the organisation, and much more. How do you effectively prepare an onboarding process.

Confidentiality Policy: All You Need to Know

Confidentiality in a workplace is ultimately essential for ethical and legal reasons. Any kind of workplace that deals with customers, internal businesses, employees, stakeholders, and volunteers must keep their data safe. To ensure this, you need a confidentiality policy in place.

6 Key Functions of HR You Need to Know

Be it any business, you need a human resources person to find capable employees. There are a lot of roles and responsibilities that a human resources department holds that might surprise you.

Understanding Adverse Impact

When the adverse impact of your company policies is not checked, you are bound to face issues with branding, business practices, and advertising.

How to Avoid Interviewer Bias?

Finding the right candidate for a job role comes with many challenges. At this point, even the best candidate can be lost when the interviewer’s expectations are set high. This is termed Interviewer bias.

How To Conduct A Remote Interview?

A candidate may not always be available to do an in-person interview. The interview location, the candidate’s availability, or when the world faces a global pandemic, Remote interviews are the only way for an employer to assess candidates.

How to Conduct A Group Interview

Candidates make it to the final recruitment process, the company might not have the time to engage individually, This is when group interviews come in.

Benefits of Data Driven Recruitment

As an HR, you would have a lot of responsibilities to attend to and schedule the interviews. So, how to conduct an effective interview without compromising the quality? The solution is a panel interview.

Headhunting: How Does It Differ from Recruitment

Headhunting and recruitment have similar functions and processes, but they have different consequences and meanings. Whereas in recruitment, companies are uprooting personalities and making them adapt to new contexts, headhunting retains as much individual identity as possible.

How to Build a Talent Community

Recruiters spend a lot of time sourcing candidates for their jobs. They spend their energy, time, and resources to ensure that the candidate has a positive candidate experience. And even after going through the entire recruitment process, the candidate still may not accept the job offer. But every effort made by the recruiter to source the perfect candidate is not futile. The organisation can use this effort to build a talent community.