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What Is HR Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is a tool designed to help organisations hire qualified candidates effectively. Read this article to know more.

How to Build a Hybrid Work Culture

Hybrid work can accommodate a range of diverse work schedules and plan their workweek to comply with corporate standards and personal needs. 

The Evolution of HR Technology

HR Technology helps organisations to be productive in performing tasks in a way that saves time and makes them more efficient.

Who is a Hiring Manager?

The role of a hiring manager responsibility is to assess the candidate’s skills, interview performance and hire them.

5 Benefits of In-House Training

In house training is an activity of training employees that aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organisation as a whole.

The Types of Employee Promotion

An employee promotion is a recognition of the person’s contribution towards the company. It plays a big role in employee satisfaction.

What Is a Stress Interview?

Stress interview is the method of helping you find the candidates who can handle pressure and how they react in stressful situations.

5 Conflict Management Techniques

Conflict management techniques are the practice of being able to handle conflicts between individuals by analysing facts and resolving them.

7 Benefits of Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is human resource management software that handles the process of searching for and hiring top talent for organisations.

5 Top Free Job Boards 2022

Free job boards are websites where employers post job openings for their organisation. This way job seekers can easily find jobs

MultiPosting: A Complete Guide

If you are posting the same job description on multiple job platforms, this is where the multiposting tool works for the recruiting business.

How to Hire Freelancers

Freelancers are independent contractor who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis typically for short-term work.

Guide to HR Data Analysis

Implementing an HR data analysis data-driven approach to business development and other aspects of the business that help to make decisions.

7 Steps For Reference Check

Reference check evaluates the applicant’s past job performance based on information collected from people who have worked with the applicant.