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Robo-recruitment or tech with a human touch?

Being human is handy, especially when it comes to recruitment. A friendly face, some timely reassurance and natural intuition are all great things to have in your hiring toolkit. But, with recruitment tech taking over all the mundane and repetitive bits, many recruiters are beginning to scream "Where has the human touch gone?!" We've got news for you. Tech is...

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Creating the Candidate Experience


Creating the Candidate Experience

How to snag top talent & present a dynamite employer brand.

A candidate experience is everything. It attracts, bags and retains the top talent who are right for you. If the employer brand is the hook then this experience is your brand’s guiding hand - it is the application process and company culture wrapped up in one big bow. This e-book is your candidate experience toolbox, a smorgasbord of insight and tips on bagging top talent and showcasing your dynamite employer brand. Your dream team awaits!



Today's job seeker market infograph

Brought to us by our friends over at We Love 9am, it’s a pretty amazing survey, sent to a research group of 250,000 candidates and receiving a response from 58,000. Learn everything you need to know about a job seeker's habits, what they do online, on mobile and, more importantly, how much time they spend researching your business before applying.


Meet Mel
Today's job seeker market infograph

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