​10 Secrets to Sales Success – Practical Ways to Improve your Pitch

​10 Secrets to Sales Success – Practical Ways to Improve your Pitch

Savvy salespeople are always on the lookout for ways to improve their powers of persuasion, and help generate and nurture business leads. Anyone within sales knows just how competitive it is, so being clued up on the smartest, most effective ways to build connections and close deals is key to successful sales pitches. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful methods to turn from sales zero to super-selling-hero in no time at all.

1. Stay on top of your pipeline

Make sure you dedicate regular time to research new prospects and keep your pipeline topped up. Never be in a situation where you’re desperate.

2. Put yourself in your clients shoes

Being able to understand your clients’ problems, desires and motivations is the key to effectively selling to them – every client is an individual, so tactics that work for one may need adapting for another.

3. Nurture connections

Don’t get so hung-up on closing a deal that you neglect the most valuable tool to get you there. Forming strong connections with people is the foundation for great relationships and building trust that will ultimately help you to sell.

4. Service doesn’t stop once they’ve signed

Just because the deal is done, it doesn’t mean you can abandon ship. The aftercare and maintaining an ongoing relationship with your clients is essential to winning them over and keeping them on board.

5. Attitude is everything

Even if you’re having a bad day, you can’t afford to let it impact your work. Clients will pick up on your tone of voice and enthusiasm, and this could affect whether they buy into what you’re selling or not. If you feel negativity and frustration creeping in, find a way to shake it off – do something that makes you happy, have a laugh with a friend or co-worker, get away from your desk for a few minutes and re-balance yourself. And remember – a bad day doesn’t mean a bad job! 

6. Never say never

If you’ve done all you can but the client still says no, it doesn’t mean that they won’t change their mind at some point. There are many factors that play into people’s decision making, and it could just be a case of the wrong timing. Keep them on your radar and try again in the future.

7. Try, try and try again

If they’ve said no once, or you’ve tried emailing and calling them but to no avail, don’t just give up. Persistence can pay off, and whilst some people may find it an annoyance and ignore you, others might be persuaded to hear you out and even be converted to buy. 

8. Be more empathetic

People often buy on instinct, going with their gut feeling. By having empathy for your clients, you will make them feel valued and understood – showing you’re on their side and genuinely care about helping them. Put them in a positive frame of mind when they think about talking to you, not dreading the heartless, hard-sell.

9. Forewarned is forearmed

Do your homework and be prepared before you approach a prospect. The more research you do, the better you will understand their needs and what the best way to win them over will be. Keeping detailed notes on each client is good practice, so you can always refer to it if you need a reminder before speaking to them, wherever they are in your pipeline.

10. Present solutions, not products

Sure, you want to push your services or products and make people buy them, but the direct, hard-sell won’t necessarily be most effective to achieve this. Find out what a client’s problems and challenges are, and present solutions to make their lives easier and improve their situation. By remaining helpful and caring about helping them out, rather than just being after their money, you’ll build a great rapport and are far more likely to win them over!

The world of Sales may be a competitive one, but the biggest competition is with yourself, to always beat your personal best, and meet your own high standards. By following these 10 secrets, you’ll be able to perform to the best of your ability, and smash your sales targets every time!

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