8 Essential Traits of a Talent-Winning Recruitment Team

8 Essential Traits of a Talent-Winning Recruitment Team

What helps you win talent? An excellent candidate experience, a killer employer brand and strategic planning are all good and well, but behind all this you need to have a hiring team with the right skills, qualities and experience to drive your efforts forwards.

We’ve rounded up the 8 essential traits your recruitment team needs to target, engage and hire the best talent.

1. Knowledge and expertise

Having sound knowledge of the industry you’re recruiting for and an understanding of the current job market is essential to targeting the right people.

2. Persistence and perseverance

Overcoming challenges and rejection to relentlessly pursue talent, generate new leads, build a pipeline and close deals.

3. Sound judgement

Drawing on expert knowledge, recruitment experience and instincts to make informed decisions about candidates.

4. Networking pro

Naturally a confident communicator who can quickly strike up a rapport with people. Able to sniff out new talent and nurture relationships using a range of tools and platforms to build a thriving talent community.

5. Looks beyond CVs

Seeks to gain a deeper understanding of candidates’ abilities, beyond what they look like on paper. Uncovers aspects such as soft skills, personality, temperament and cultural fit.

6. Effective interviewing

Asks the right questions and uses a variety of interview techniques to fully understand a candidate’s suitability for a role.

7. Harnessing analytics

Using a combination of quantitative data pulled from applicant tracking software, and qualitative data gained through feedback from candidates, clients and other team members to improve the whole recruitment process.

8. Utilising tools

A good recruiter will have many strings to their bow – social media, ATS, marketing, employer branding and killer content will all come together to source, attract and engage talent.

Do these skills ring true for you? These are just some of the many elements needed to effectively hire talent. The role of the recruiter is multi-disciplinary, drawing on skills used in roles like sales, marketing, PR and customer services. To win the best candidates, it takes people who are versatile, positive and resilient to overcome obstacles and never take no for an answer.

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