Does your Agency Website have Candidate and Client Appeal?

Does your Agency Website have Candidate and Client Appeal?

How do you attract new clients and candidates to use your recruitment agency? A big part of your strategy may be using social media, but perhaps the most important tool of all is your website.

This is your space to tell people who you are, to sell your services, and to persuade people why you’re a great agency to work with. You need to show both candidates and clients how you can help them and what sets you apart from other agencies.

It’s easy to become blind to your own website when it’s right under your nose, but this guidance will help you ensure you’re appealing to candidates and clients.

What are you saying?

Do you have lots of advice for job seekers? Or are the pages on your website more focused on finding and attracting talent? If you’ve got pages littered with recruitment buzzwords, then you might alienate candidates and make them less likely to engage with you.

On the other hand, if your site isn’t clear on the services you offer to employers, then new clients aren’t likely to be enticed to work with you. Having a balance between advice for candidates and information about your client services will help you appeal to both parties.

Who’s looking?

Google analytics can give you valuable insights about who is visiting your website. You can track which pages on your website are looked at the most, and get an overview of your visitors’ location, age and gender.

Reviewing your website analytics will help you understand whether your website is attracting the right people. If visitors are mostly looking at your services page, this suggests clients; whereas heavy traffic on the page your jobs are advertised on suggests candidates.

How do you appeal to clients?

Experienced and competent

When potential clients visit your website, they want to see that you have the right knowledge and experience to help them hire the best candidates. You need a compelling services page which clearly tells clients what you do, how you do it, and why you can do it better than your competitors.

Authentic branding

To make you stand out from other agencies, it’s important to show some of your brand personality and company culture – giving a glimpse into the people within your agency helps clients to relate to you personally. Having a strong brand makes you more trustworthy and credible.

Clear calls to action

Give clients a clear journey to conversion, from learning about what you do and how you can help them, through to contacting you and working with you. Include clear calls to action throughout your website and make your contact details prominent.

How do you appeal to candidates?

A human touch

Candidates want to be treated with respect and given a personalised, positive experience – sadly some agencies can treat candidates like objects, forgetting they’re human beings with emotions. Show job seekers that you’re caring, compassionate and trustworthy, and you’ll get them on-side.

Support and advice

Creating useful, relevant content such as career advice blogs, checklists and templates can help you appeal to candidates and show them that you’re interested in helping them and supporting their career ambitions.

Clear job adverts

Your job adverts say a lot about you – make them clear, concise and informative. Job hunting takes time, so make it quick and simple for candidates to find the key information they need from an advert and be clear on how they apply or contact you to discuss a role.

Whether you’re more interested in attracting candidates or clients with your website will depend on your business needs, but by having a good balance of content aimed at both camps, you’ll come across as a competent and credible agency that people are confident working with – and keep coming back to!

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