Hiring overseas workers? Recruitment tech could be your new best bud

Hiring overseas workers? Recruitment tech could be your new best bud

There’s a whole host of reasons why hiring overseas workers can benefit businesses, not least of all that it opens up the potential to enrich your talent pool with high-calibre candidates that might otherwise be missed.

No one can deny the recruitment process is a little trickier when hiring overseas staff, but recruitment tech could be your secret weapon. So, what makes overseas workers worth the extra effort?

Overseas workers are awesome because...

There are plenty of reasons to choose from, but here’s our top of the pops:

  • Gain access to new skills, or skills people in your country are lacking
  • Save a stack of cash by hiring at a more competitive rate
  • Harness their experience to figure out how to branch out into new overseas markets
  • Transform your workforce into the ultimate model of diversity and inclusion

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for hiring talent from overseas, let’s look at exactly how to go about that process.

How can I start hiring overseas workers?

Recruiting candidates from abroad used to be a major headache. But with the innovative recruitment tech available nowadays, these challenges have become a thing of the past. Here’s how tech can help you recruit from overseas:

1) Travelling

There’s no need to hop on a plane to be able to handle overseas recruitment. Utilising an interface such as Skype to simulate face-to-face contact with a candidate from abroad is a great way to engage with people and get a feel for the person behind the CV.

Once you’re keen on a candidate, you can progress to a video interview – use recruitment tech to rank, rate and record your candidates, pre-record questions and move them through your hiring process.

2) Assessment

Sometimes a face-to-face interview is a must, but you'll want to keep the invites to a minimum.

Slash that shortlist by assessing candidates thoroughly before firing off an interview RSVP. You can use online, skills-based assessment to determine who'll cut the mustard and avoid wasting your time, or theirs.

3) Research

You'll have a bit of homework to do before taking the plunge and hiring overseas workers.

Rather than taking a punt or asking a far-flung amigo for advice, you can check out visa/sponsorship requirements and cultural differences with a simple online search. There’s a wealth of information waiting at your fingertips!

4) Advertising

Fear not – you don't need a working knowledge of the Kazakhstani classifieds when hiring overseas workers.

With recruitment tech, you can ping out your job ad to all and sundry with a single click, whether you're targeting local online job boards or using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

5) Experience

Chatting to candidates and making sure they're happy campers is super-important, especially when hiring overseas.

Answer all their questions via social media or a dedicated recruitment tech platform, then use these answers to create a set of FAQs. You can also use recruitment tech to speed up admin and get those offers out even faster.

Borders shouldn't be a barrier to landing high-quality candidates with the right skills and experience. Use these top tips in tandem with a little recruitment tech, and you’ll be well on your way to gaining some top talent from overseas!

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