Is it time to drag your recruitment tech out of the dark ages?

Is it time to drag your recruitment tech out of the dark ages?

You're living through a recruitment tech renaissance, with oodles of snazzy new gizmos transforming the way we go about hiring new staff.

But, some unfortunate souls are yet to evolve their recruitment tech out of the dark ages, and – if that's you – you're darn sure paying for it with wasted time and money.

These are the questions you've gotta ask yourself about your recruitment tech, plus a few little tips on how to make your strategy POP!

Get bored uploading job ads to site after site?

We've all been there. Staring blankly at that loading bar as you upload a new job ad to the umpteenth website.

Scrap that! Today, specialist recruitment tech lets you post your ad in multiple places with just one click, using channels including:

  • Paid job boards

  • Free job boards

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

Spend forever sending comms to candidates?

Candidates love communication, but you've gotta get the rest of your work done some time!

New recruitment tech gives you loads of options for automating candidate communications.

Most of the communications throughout the candidate journey are pretty predictable. Why should you spend all that time re-writing the same email - or worse, risking a candidate falling through the net because it fell off your to-do list?!

Send out emails and texts linking to your recruitment resources in bulk to answer candidate questions before they even get the chance to ask them.

Or, send a predefined template to schedule an interview, and accept or reject candidates afterwards.

Reckon competitors are getting the best staff first?

Some companies just seem to swoop in and scoop up all the best talent. Either they've got some sort of oracle, or they're using clever recruitment tech.

Recruitment tech with an advanced search function lets you scour loads of job boards at the same time to find that dream applicant.

You can even set up candidate preferences, then just sit back and watch the people who match your requirements roll in.

Using WAY too many recruitment resources?

Spreadsheets, templates, CRMs, email platforms, job boards... recruiters could moonlight in the circus with all those plate-spinning skills.

That's why it's so important to find a solution that brings everything together.

Now, you can get your hands on recruitment tech that easily syncs with all CRM and ATS platforms, as well as letting you post job ads to your own recruitment site with the tap of a mouse.

Want a little less conversation, a little more action?

A smidgen of social media analysis can help you get your head around a candidate. But, an interview is the only way to know whether they'll be the right fit.

The interview process can take forever, so you want to know you've only picked candidates who're worth your time.

Enter video interviews. Create a bunch of questions and record a short vid to send out to all the candidates you reckon have a shot. They can record their answers, and send them back digitally.

Then, just review their responses in your own time and whittle down your list so that you only give face-to-face interviews to the best candidates.

It’s time to get your game on.  A recruitment tech solution will transform your hiring strategy and help you get to the best talent first with minimal effort.

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