Is your Office Space Damaging your Ability to Attract (and Retain) Top Talent?

Is your Office Space Damaging your Ability to Attract (and Retain) Top Talent?

When you look around the office, do you see focused, happy, productive workers? A recent study by office design company, K2 Space, has revealed that office environment not only impacts current employees’ wellbeing, but can affect your ability to attract new talent too.

The research, conducted alongside YouGov, surveyed 1,000 GB-based office workers across different generations. Around one third of workers think their workplace is outdated and uninspiring, with 21 per cent feeling that a better office design would improve their productivity.

With stats like these, it’s clear to see that the space we work in is an important factor in maintaining happy, healthy and productive. Let’s look at some of the key takeaways in a bit more detail.

Health and wellbeing

With sitting now being considered to be as bad for your health as smoking, it’s no surprise that 20 per cent of workers want sit-stand desks. In addition to this, 20 per cent of respondents also want better shower facilities so they can incorporate exercise into their working day.

Weighed against the cost of sit-stand desks and improving facilities, there are huge benefits not only to workers, but to businesses too – healthier employees are more likely to be productive at work, and less prone to absence due to sickness or health problems. A win for employers!

Conflicts of interest

Offices are increasingly required to serve multiple needs – different working styles, job roles and individual preferences can make it tricky to find an office design which suits everyone, all at once.

A major concern for 30 per cent of office workers was access to quieter areas, allowing them to zone out and focus away from background noise and distractions. A busy office full of chatter can hinder productivity, making it harder to concentrate.

Workers want spaces for different purposes – dedicated break out areas away from desks can make it easier to collaborate on group projects.

Function vs. Aesthetics

Having multi-functional spaces is important, but workers also crave an inspiring, stimulating environment too. Having artwork, colours and plenty of natural lighting all ranked as highly desirable for office workers.

First impressions count

In your efforts to attract talent, something you may not have even considered could be damaging your success. Almost 50 per cent of workers said that the room they are interviewed in has a big influence on whether they want to work for a company or not.

This was particularly important to people working in Medical & Health (69 per cent), Sales & Marketing (57 per cent) and Finance & Accounting (53 per cent). Make sure your interview room gives candidates a flavour of your company culture, is kept clean, and is well-maintained.

This research shows that your office space needs to serve a variety of needs and work styles, with a balance between functionality, visual appeal, and comfort. Get this right, and you’ll improve your employees’ productivity and wellbeing, reduce stress, and be in a better position to attract top talent – and make them want to stick around!

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