Social media vs. Recruitment - Fight to the death or BFFs?

Social media vs. Recruitment - Fight to the death or BFFs?

Social media isn’t exactly the new kid on the block anymore. Its proved its mettle and now sits alongside the mighty top dogs of recruitment. It’s the happy ending and romance all in one for - the tall, dark and adventurous social stranger brings the settled, traditional recruitment out its shell. And boy, what a partnership!

Despite our harmonious vision for the future of recruitment, the reality can be a little less picturesque. As excited and grateful as we all are for the wonders of social media, its not completely absurd to see that something wicked this way comes…

So, is this a relationship of love or hate? There’s a famously fine line between the two. Can social media fill a recruitment agency’s boots? And what does this all mean for the personal touch and founding principals of putting candidates and employers together. Well, let’s take a walk through the social jungle and see if recruitment agencies can survive it.

Six reasons why social media won’t replace recruitment agencies.

Call us the hippies of the recruitment world but we think there’s plenty of room at the party. Just as social media can’t replace traditional recruitment practice, these agencies can’t afford to turn their backs on anything that improves the industry.

Where do you go if you’re looking for a job or that killer talent for your position?

  • Reach for the paper - A classic.
  • Look to the job boards - A double-edged sword.
  • Head for the social hills - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Call on a recruitment agency?

We bet social media is pretty near the top of your list. Hey, that’s great and nothing to be shunned but this does mean that recruiters need to offer their clients something their online counterparts can’t. And this is why recruitment agencies ain’t going anywhere - they can smash it like the best of ‘em!

1. There’s more to recruitment than posting ads and monitoring feeds.

Good recruiters are worth their weight in gold. Yes, Twitter can suggest Followers you might like and Facebook can suggest Groups to join, but you can’t beat the raw talent that is candidate/employer matchmaking. Recruiters believe in quality over quantity, something not embedded entirely in social media.

2. Face-to-face is engagement royalty.

This is, and will always be, the one truth of recruitment. In an industry where time is money, taking the time to sit down with a client or candidate is the mark of a truly fab recruiter. Social media can’t measure tone well or be nearly as telling as a person-to-person sit down.

Traditional recruitment is all about the details, the human aspects that can drive business or shine a light on talent and personality.

3. How much can a social profile really tell you?

Algorithms and autonomy are social media normality. Both have their own merits but when you’re trying to get to grips with needs, wants and personalities, any ambiguity can be the difference between a successful or disastrous pairing. That’s why preserving the principles of recruitment won’t steer you wrong. You can beat a good old fashioned interview, expert employer branding or people-first experiences.

4. Does social media make the recruitment process lazy?

The candidate experience is now one of the most desired and important parts of the recruitment process. There’s no doubting that social media has made connection and info easier and more targeted but the quality and checkpoints of recruitment are in question. Many recruiters have implemented social media to enrich and modernise the likes of the interview or follow-up, but do candidates know what to expect from you? That’s where an initial email can set expectations and drive the journey forward - something integral to the recruitment process.

5. There’s no replacement for principal-driven recruitment.

In a nutshell, this is what it all boils down to. Social media gets users out there at a speed and scope that traditional recruitment can’t compete with. But there’s more to recruitment that tech tricks... Time after time recruitment comes down to quality - the quality of a candidate, job ad or even company culture. And this is where principals trump trends or mediums. Although the likes of Twitter or Facebook increase your audience, they also dilute your message.

6. Social media is simply a tool - not the whole solution.

Too many recruiters rely solely on social media to recruit. This is poor practice. You see, social media is just a tool. It’s one part of the puzzle, not the entire answer to your recruitment conundrum. Good recruiters will stay on top by learning how to use social media to enhance their skills and results.

The truth is we’re all in it together and recruitment is a cycle where every tool, technique or practice has its place. Let’s not fight or run in fear. Recruiters have a responsibility to their clients and candidates to give them the most effective experience and that’s part-social, part-traditional. Be a lover, not a fighter.

These are just my thoughts, but I’d love to hear yours. Find me on LinkedIn or just drop me an email here! Darren Brown.

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