Do You Know How to
Attract Generation Z Talent?

Hiring the millennial workforce is old news in recruitment – now there’s some new talent on the scene: Generation Z. Born between 1995–2010, the oldest Gen Zers are around 24 – many will be recent graduates ready to enter the world of work. But how does your hiring strategy need to adapt to attract this new talent pool?


What’s important to this new generation of workers? Here’s 4 things that you need to know about Generation Z:

1. They want a job that’s future-proof

Businesses have come to accept that the millennial workforce is prone to job-hopping, with a tenure of 2–3 years at best before moving on. But with Generation Z, this is less true – they favour job security and longevity. With Brexit looming, uncertainty over financial security and the economy in general is influencing Gen Zers values and desires for the future.

To attract Generation Z candidates to your business, reassure these fears with options for progression and development, and the promise of a long-term career with your company.

2. An inclusive workplace is important

With 77 per cent of Gen Zers saying diversity within a company is a major deciding factor when looking for a job, having an inclusive workplace with a good mixture of people from various demographics (such as age, ethnicity and sex) is crucial to attracting this talent.

3. Value personal achievement

Success is hugely important for Gen Zers – they are ambitious, driven and fiercely competitive. Offering resources and tools to help them reach their potential and be able to progress can give you a competitive advantage, so look at what opportunities you can offer for training and learning new skillsets.

4. Highly adaptable and quick to grasp new technologies

Generation Z have never known anything other than smartphones and Wi-Fi – the idea of having to dial-up to connect to the internet, or the capability of your mobile being limited to texts, calls and Snake, is alien to them.

However, this does mean that they are the most tech-savvy bunch of talent yet, with the ability to quickly learn and utilise new technologies. They will be forward-thinking and on-the-ball when it comes to harnessing the latest tech to improve processes and get results in the workplace.

 These are just some of the factors that define the Gen Z workforce. To stay competitive and attract fresh talent, you need to have a dynamic approach to hiring – be prepared to adapt your processes and resources to target this new talent pool.

Look at your hiring materials, making sure that things like your career page and job adverts are tailored to the type of talent you want to attract. By having an awareness of the specific desires and values of each generation, you will be able to change your hiring tactics to cater to these varied needs and keep talent engaged.


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