AI Job Description Generator

Let us help you create compelling AI generated job descriptions – instantly.

What is LogicAssist?


LogicAssist is an AI powered copy generation tool that will assist you in creating better job descriptions and job adverts.

LogicAssist will help create a job description from scratch, ensuring speed and efficiency in generating copy quickly and easily without the need for extensive research or writing skills.

At the click of a couple of buttons, it will also provide consistent quality within the content too. By utilising machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, our AI processes vast amounts of data, recognising sector-specific jargon and job descriptions that attract the top candidates.


You decide how much AI assistance you need


You will already have a job title and role, LogicAssist will then help you create your  job description / advert, ensuring it’s configured to ensure diversity, inclusion, simplicity of language and structure to construct your job advert.

Create as many versions as you see fit, and don’t worry the cost of working on your job descriptions is covered in your subscription, so you can create as many re-writes as you wish.

LogicAssist will learn from your creations ensuring you or your client’s employer brand is represented in the best way possible on your advertising.

Adding keywords using the job writer function will automatically populate them within the advert.

LogicAssist supports translation to over 25 languages. Six of them, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese, are premium since we’ve used native datasets to train the AI models.

Monitoring success


Once you begin to place your job adverts you can use our advanced analytics within LogicMelon’s platform to measure the success of the job advert and continue to refine the copy if required.

LogicAssist will generate customisable text for all your ads, allowing you to see an increase in your ad conversion/application rates driving more responses and improving engagement with your target audiences.




LogicAssist is included in your subscription.

LogicAssist summary of benefits:


  • Generate AI job description / adverts from scratch

  • Select the best tone and style 

  • You can include keywords

  • Keep your message on brand

  • Improve your overall clickthrough rate

  • Boost your conversion rates

  • Ensure your advertising reflects your employer brand

To see how LogicAssist can power up your job descriptions / adverts and social posts why not request a demo? Just fill in our demo request form and we’ll arrange for you to see it in action at your convenience.



Your data is safe with us


As a SaaS company that’s dedicated to supporting customers, we take your data and its security very seriously. We constantly monitor and work towards closing any threats that might put it at risk. 

It’s also about ensuring it is available when you need it, and that it can be believed.

For further information with regards to our data practices please email: support@logicmelon.com


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