5 Proactive Hiring Strategies to Follow in 2022

The usual hiring process of reactive recruitment occurs when a candidate applies for the job opening rolled out by organisations. But this wont be enough to recruit top talents. Proactive Hiring will help you cover that.


Obviously, when there is a lack of resources, the tasks get reassigned to other employees, affecting their daily tasks. However, it is usual that even they (the ones who take up the extra tasks) might get annoyed or drained because of the extra work, which can eventually affect your productivity.

Here’s where you need Proactive recruitment strategies to avoid such eleventh-hour trouble. It’s not easy to hire a person under normal circumstances, but the pressure is high when there’s a demand. This article will help you learn more about proactive recruitment and the strategies you can rely on this year.


What Is Proactive Hiring?

Proactive recruitment is the process of acquiring candidates ahead of hiring demands. And to carry this out, the hiring managers need to understand which department of their organisation will likely have increased workloads in the future. The most significant advantage of proactive recruiting is that the hiring team member gets adequate time to find candidates and train current employees for specific job roles.


Unlike reactive recruiting, which relies on candidates applying for a position once it’s open, proactive recruitment searches for the right people before you need them. Once they’re found, proactive recruitment differentiates itself from reactive recruiting by establishing contact with candidates, building relationships with them, and creating interest in your employment opportunities.


How Can Proactive Recruitment Help You?

Proactive recruiting can bring the best benefits to the hiring team as it reduces the time taken to hire the right people and ensures the hiring and interviewing process is better.

Here are two topics to better understand the benefits of proactive recruiting.


Reducing the Hiring Time

The primary use of the following Proactive recruiting strategy is to reduce time, which means more work. The money you invest in hiring a person needs to be worth it, and there is no better way than proactively recruiting.

You lay a lot of groundwork in this process, so the personal connection is built quickly. Personal connection? Here’s how, from contacting the candidates regularly, sending them relevant content, to keeping them informed about your organisation’s job vacancies.

Though the candidate has no plan to leave their current job, because of their trust (staying in touch often) and seeking your company’s benefits for its employees, they might change their mind in the future. (The reasons mentioned will be briefly discussed in the upcoming topics.)


Your Hiring Process Gets Better

During the recruitment process, it’s not only the candidate who is interviewed but you. The candidates get to see what kind of work environment they’re about to enter and their expertise level. Candidates do judge. Hence if those candidates did not have a great experience in the interview process, they’re unlikely to consider your organisation for employment opportunities.

With Proactive recruiting, you have already established a relationship with the candidates; hence there should be open and honest communication about what they expect from your organisation.


Proactive Recruitment Strategies to Follow

The following are the proactive recruitment strategies to follow for a better recruitment process:

  • Build a talent pool.
  • Make your online presence strong.
  • Create an easy application process.
  • Send engaging and relevant content to your candidates.
  • Design an attractive website for organisation visibility.

Proactive Hiring Methods

Build a Talent Pool

A talent pool or community is an effective way to keep the eligible candidate’s profile on file. It’s more of keeping your recruitment channel open (all the time). It’s vital to build a talent pool to attract candidates interested in your organisation but not ready to apply just yet.

A proactive recruiting process is the best way to build relationships with candidates who might be interested in your company in the future. The candidates must have researched your company, reviews, social media accounts, current and past employees, and career sites. Via the talent communities you have, candidates are notified when there’s an opening that suits their skills. With all the research done, they might take the opportunity if they think your organisation is the one for them.

However, if you think about the talent community, consider the job seekers who don’t find an opening on your career page. They will likely skip your company and apply to another. But, with a talent community, the portal is open 24/7, and the chances of missing out on top talent are a lot less.


Build a Strong Online Presence

Proactive and reactive recruitment requires an online presence for you to attract top talents. An Indeed survey proves that 78% of Millennials, 73% of Gen Xers, and 57.2% of Baby Boomers use mobile phones when searching for jobs. In addition to having your online presence, you must make sure your job portal is mobile-friendly to ensure you don’t miss skilled candidates.

LinkedIn recruiter and Facebook for Business are examples of effective platforms preferred by recruiters in hiring candidates. You can also prefer Twitter and LinkedIn to keep engaging the top talents.

Invest your time in boosting your SEO in the platforms mentioned above to be noticed by the top talents.


Easy Application Process

Job hunting is really hard, don’t add the burden onto your potential candidates in your application process. Try to keep it simple to ensure candidates don’t just leave the application page instead of filling in the information.

It’s better to keep the application only with the essential questions. It is all about the candidate’s experience. Since it starts from the application, it’s best to keep it to “needs” and not “wants.”

Proactive recruiting is an organic process, not “must hire the candidate” like reactive recruitment. Hence, keep an eye on your application questions and keep it to the requirements to attract potential candidates.


Create Engaging Content

You have multiple opportunities to engage your audiences in the digital world. You will already be into digital marketing to gain exposure for your company. You can send out newsletters, post video content about your work culture or any celebrations, or provide relevant content that helps your employees and candidates upskill themselves.

Follow any form of digital marketing that best suits your organisation and be consistent. Keeping your audiences (candidates) engaged and reminding them often that there’s a worthy organisation they can consider working with is the secret key to a proactive recruitment strategy.


Attractive Website for Visibility

Business of any form today owns a website, and so should your organisation. Any candidate looking to join your organisation is likely to type in your company name in the Google search. If there’s no website they could find on the search engine results page, the chances of them finding you (hiring managers) or the office location to come down and attend a face-to-face interview is significantly less (actually not possible at all).

Design a professional website to attract talent. On your website, ensure to add all the following sections:

  • About us.
  • Location and contact details.
  • Career page.
  • The job description for each role you have added.
  • Content relevant to your business (blogs, articles, and videos).
  • Reviews.
  • Your team photographs and details.

This extensive data will automatically bring trust among the candidates about your company. Also, make your website mobile-friendly, extending accessibility.



The proactive hiring process is different from the traditional method of reactive hiring. Your strategies will differ for both approaches; hence having the mindset to adapt to both is essential. However, the efforts in doing so will definitely pay off.

This article has discussed five essential recruitment strategies you can rely on. However, you can also implement other strategies that suit your organisation. The bottom line is that your proactive approach should help find qualified candidates. 



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