The Impact of Stay Interviews on Driving Employee Retention

Employee retention is crucial for maintaining quality standards and retaining top talents in any organisation. To achieve this, many organisations are now turning to stay interviews to gather feedback from employees on their approach to retention.


Stay interviews are conducted by an organisation with its current employees to understand their likes and dislikes. The objective is to convince the employee to stay within the organisation, and to retain top talent.

Unlike exit interviews, which are designed to determine the reasons for employee departures, stay interviews are conducted to solve issues faced by employees, with the aim of retaining them within the organisation.

Conducting Stay Interviews

If you want to conduct stay interviews, here are some tips on how to do it:

stay interviews

1. Decide on the people you want to interview

Stay interviews are an effective way of listening to employees and identifying areas for improvement. Identify the people you want to interview and ensure they meet the criteria set by your organisation.

2. Reach out to employees

Reach out to the employees you have identified for the interviews, and let them know the objective of the interview. This helps to understand their morale and identify areas for improvement.

3. Ask relevant questions

Prepare questions in advance to ensure that you ask the right questions and get the necessary answers. Allow employees to raise their concerns and listen to their feedback.

4. Listen to feedback

Document the conversation and prepare a report on how to take corrective action with the feedback received from employees. Asking follow-up questions and listening to their answers is essential to understanding their concerns.

5. Take necessary action

Identify pain points and take the necessary measures to retain the best employees for the role.

What You Can Do Now

Here are some steps you can take to improve employee retention:

1. Craft an individual development plan

Develop individual development plans based on employee feedback to improve their experience within the organisation.

2. Conduct frequent employee experience surveys

Conduct employee experience surveys regularly to understand how well your employees are satisfied with your organisation.

3. Provide consistent feedback

Provide consistent feedback to determine the level of employee satisfaction following the adoption of appropriate measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are stay interviews different from exit interviews?

Stay interviews are conducted with top-performing employees, while exit interviews are conducted with departing employees. The objective of stay interviews is to improve and retain employees, while exit interviews are designed to identify issues that could cause employees to leave.

2. What are some stay interview questions?

Stay interview questions could include: What’s the one thing about the work culture you would like to improve? What’s the one thing you wish the leadership team understood about your employee experience? What strengths are you not using in your current role?

3. Why do organisations conduct stay interviews?

Organisations conduct stay interviews to increase employee engagement and retention rates and to show employees that they care about their experience within the organisation.

Closing Thoughts

Stay interviews are an effective way of listening to employee feedback and taking action to improve their experience within the organisation. By conducting stay interviews, organisations can identify areas for improvement and take corrective action to retain top talent. By listening to employee feedback and taking action, organisations can build a positive employee experience and improve employee retention



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