What Is Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is a great way to find what new roles are needed in a company and what changes one can make to get valuable results. This is a valuable strategy that can benefit your business in the long term. 


As the size of your company grows the hiring needs will also change with it. Therefore it is beneficial to have a talent mapping strategy to hire employees who suit the roles that you require. It also helps to maintain and develop the existing talent in the company, which can ultimately lead to more growth. 


Talent Mapping Definition

Talent Mapping is a recruitment strategy used by businesses that work to identify the future talent needs of your company and work toward filling the skill gap that arises from a growing company in the long term. An effective talent mapping strategy identifies the key areas your company needs to change, so it can become aligned with the long-term goal of the company. 


Benefits of Talent Mapping

The following are some of the benefits of talent mapping:


Benefits of Talent Mapping


Filling Talent Gaps 

You must assess the roles required for your company, which can help you create a position that is in line with your goal for the long term. Talent mapping is an effective way to identify the skill set of existing employees and thereby helps identify any skill gaps present within the organisation. This enables recruiters to identify the right candidates to fill those skill gaps, which in turn, helps the organisation to realise its goals.


Utilising Top Talent 

Talent mapping can help your business to identify high-value employees. This in turn helps to develop their skill sets and become a beneficial part of the company for any future roles that might be vital to your organisation. Also, it will help employees stay motivated as they find satisfaction in the proper utilisation of their skills.


Efficient Utilisation of Hiring Resources

Talent mapping can be a useful strategy for your company to grow as it helps you utilise your time and money by prioritising positions that give you greater benefits in the long term. This can, in turn, help direct the necessary resources to upscale the performances of existing employees by creating training modules and exercises. 


Maintaining Culture 

Talent mapping will ensure that employees match the roles that are perfect for them. This will ensure that they do their best and along with this, create a really good culture. 


Identifying Candidates who could leave 

Talent mapping through the process of evaluation and exercises can help you identify candidates who could potentially leave the company in the future. The cause of this may be not achieving the relevant skills required to meet the growth plan or their goals just might be different. Talent mapping prevents this by identifying the right talent for the right roles and thereby ensures career growth.


How to Create an Effective Talent Mapping Strategy

To create a great talent mapping strategy, you must first have a clear understanding of your future needs. To get people who meet the talent requirements of your company, you must have a growth plan and assess what skills are required to meet that plan. Then work with your team to develop the skills and expertise required for it. 

After assessing the needs of your company, you must analyse the performance of your team. This can give you an idea of where your team’s performance lies and you can develop their skills to match the talent requirements required. A talent mapping exercise can help you identify employees with the potential to meet your future development plans. 

Observing the strategies used by competitors can also prove to be beneficial. You can analyse their strategies, and identify and improve key areas where changes are required. Making sure to assess talent needs frequently can help you prepare for any changes in the future. 

After analysing the performance of potential employees and having made clear objectives for the future of your company the next step must be to create future strategies. This can reap great benefits for your company as recruiters know exactly what to look for in potential future candidates. 


Challenges In Talent Mapping 

The following are some of the challenges in talent mapping:


Exhaustion Of Resources

Talent mapping requires using huge amounts of data and resources. This is a long and time-consuming process as it requires evaluating the company’s current and future needs. Skill Assessment tools can be used to speed up the process.


Lack of Data 

Not having enough data can lead to costly mistakes in talent mapping. Mistakes could happen if hiring is done without sufficient data, you might hire someone without the relevant skills for a vital role, you could also potentially miss out on hiring a star performer. You can make sure to collect the necessary data by setting up data-management systems and frequent skill tests to analyse your employees’ performance and skill level.


Possibility of Deviations in a Long-Term Plan

With the business world constantly changing, it becomes difficult to keep up with all the changes. This means that there is the possibility that you may not be prepared to meet the changes required in certain roles. You can make sure to frequently assess skills to keep up with the changes.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do you create a talent map?

 Understand and create objectives for your future goal. Assess the performance of your employees to get an idea about the skill gap. A Nine box talent matrix will help you to get a proper view of the strengths and weaknesses of every individual. 


2. What is a talent matrix?

Organisations use a talent matrix to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Management tools like these help them to identify star performers in their organisation. 


3. Is talent mapping really helpful for organisations?

Talent mapping can greatly benefit your organisation as it will give you a proper view of the skillset of the employees and recognise the areas that need improvement. 



To conclude, talent mapping is an excellent strategy that will greatly benefit your organisation in the long term. Talent mapping done effectively and frequently can motivate your employees to perform better and will help you in the long term. 



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